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Thread: I want a CGM but CWD does not

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    When I read your title, I thought to myself that if you want it so bad then get it for yourself!

    Joking aside, you could get a CGM, and use it yourself for a week. There's no risk to you. You can show him that insertion is painless (we also use Emla), and he'll see visually how it looks. Downside is, assuming you don't have diabetes, he'll see perfect CGM plots, and if he gives it a try, well, the plots may not look quite the same.

    It's just a suggestion. Others may disagree. Whenever we try a new infusion set, I do an insertion on me first (when DS is not around), to see how smooth & painless the insertion is. I like knowing first hand how the insertion may feel for DS.
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    I think I agree with most people here that giving it a little time and letting him adjust a little is probably the way to go. If the honeymoon period is reasonably manageable for you right now then the additional stress on him and perhaps info overload on you may not be worth it. On the other hand, my daughter was completely against it also when me, my husband and her endo finally came to a consensus to get one. It just sounded bad and she wasn't interested--she was 4y and that wasn't likely to change with time, at least for quite a while. Finally I had her watch a little girl on youtube who shows it being inserted with a smile on her face. Then I told her we would have to try it and then we could decide. Finally I bribed her--I think with a new ipad game which also kept her completely distracted during the insertion. I still let her get a free ipad game if she wants when we change it although I am always done before she even finds one she wants. Once she had it on her she realized it wasn't a big deal and never cared about having it on or inserting it. She likes being able to see her number. It wouldn't be a bad idea to do EMLA if he is really freaked by needles. It doesn't seem to be that painful for my daughter but you really do want a good experience on the first time to get over the fear of it.
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    I'll go against the grain here and say that for us, CGM is non-negotiable. If he didn't want to do the finger pokes, and wanted to check his BG with old fashioned urine strips, would you let him? Nope. Because finger pokes are that much better than the old urine strips, right? Well, CGM is that much better than finger pokes alone. I wouldn't require a pump (although my son loves his), but CGM is like sitting in a carseat or wearing a seat belt for us. If he was in his teens, I'd probably try to finesse it more, but at age 7? There are some decisions that he just doesn't get to make at that age. Your decision is based on research and logic. His decision is based on fear.

    Get some EMLA creme, put it under a band-aid for a half hour and let him poke at it with a paperclip. He won't feel a thing, and hopefully it will reassure him about the needle insertion.

    Best of luck to you! It's so hard early on in diagnosis. But getting a CGM will be a game-changer for you and him in so many ways.
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    Give it some time. My T1D was against it until she actually tried the inserts for it this past year. They both hurt less than the ones that she used previously. She has been on a CGMS for a few months now and loves it! He might feel better about it once he knows more about the Medtronic 670G or any new updates that come out as time passes. It will be a while before he is eligible for a pump.
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    This video helped convince my son to give it a whirl. Good luck!
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