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Thread: Pump supplies: what is the average amount

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    Default Pump supplies: what is the average amount

    I was wondering how many boxes of infusion sets and cartridges do most people get for pump supplies. I have heard for a 3 month supply between 5, 4, and 3 boxes for infusion sets and the same for cartridges .
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    Honestly, I don't pay that much attention, but I think our prescription is written to change our site every 2 days and the cartridges correspond. We will go three days if a site is working well, so we often end up with a surplus. I also don't change the cartridge every time I change the site so I don't always order cartridges when I order sites.

    I try not to automatically order every 90 days if I don't need to. I want some for back up, but not a huge stockpile. That just costs everyone in the end.
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    I can order 5 boxes of infusion sets and 5 boxes of cartridges every 3 months. I fill up and use cartridges for 7-10 days (and I'm not opposed to reusing them) and sites for 4 days so I probably actually end up ordering sites every 6 months and cartridges even less than that. I think I pay around $10 per box of sites/cartridges so the cost isn't bad.
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    Our daughter gets 6 boxes of infusion sets and 3 boxes of cartridges every 3 months. We also have a surplus, but we have needed that for when she's living overseas and needs to take a 9 month supply with her!
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    My son's pods are written for changing ever 2 days. We get 5 boxes at a time.

    My daughter's sites and cartridges are also written for 2 days, so same deal. We fill the cartridges on schedule but the sites less often.
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