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    Hi my name is Tab and I have had type 1 diabetes for 30 years this year! My daughter Lilly is 6 years old and was just diagnosed in December she is in her honeymoon stage I caught it extremely early and she's only on a half unit of Lantus in the evening and we're not counting carbs or giving Humalog yet but I know the day will come!!! I had a question and just wanted other people's opinions I'm very nervous that now my son could have it too I'm going to maybe put him in the trialnet but I was curious what people thought about a fasting blood sugar of 99 yesterday and this morning 107 I know as a diabetic I would love to have those numbers but I'm worried that he may be getting diabetes too and those fastings are without a big carb meal the night before just curious what other people thought????I'm going to definitely get him checked out at some point! He is 4 years old! Thanks for reading!!!!! Tab

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    I highly recommend that you enroll your son in TrialNet. Antibody testing will provide you with a great deal of useful information.
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