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Thread: Pain with Dexcom?

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    Hi, my 9-year old son just had a Dexcom inserted yesterday. At first it was no problem but within a few hours he said it was hurting him quite a bit (5 out of 10, he usually says his shots are 1-2 out of 10). We gave him Ibuprofen before bedtime. This am he said it still hurt 5/10. I looked at it and the skin doesn't appear red or swollen. Has anyone else had this experience?

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    I wonder is the adhesive is bothering him... Mine used to complain that it "nagged" for a little while after insertion sometimes but never really "hurt." You posted yesterday, did it fade?
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    If it's an adhesive problem, you might try a layer of opsite flexifix skin tape beneath the white tape of the sensor. It lasts far longer and doesn't bother my DD skin whatsoever.

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