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    Default Paper logbook

    Hi everyone! Does anybody with a pump still use logs like this? Just wondering.
    5-year-old son
    Dx at age 2
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    Only when I'm trying to analyze for sanity beyond what I can see in the pump records. My teen isn't too interested, so I usually give up.
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    No. That's what her PDM log, Dexcom, and Glooko are for.
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    When my son was just diagnosed, the Dr gave us this log at the hospital. This was before the pump, and it made sense. Then we got the pump, and I personally like Diasend logs and statistics better, but our Dr prefers paper logs. So I was just wondering if it's still a thing, if anybody still uses them.
    I use Diasend myself, but for our check-ups I hand write his numbers in the log.
    5-year-old son
    Dx at age 2
    Pumping with Animas Ping

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    I think the first few weeks after a diagnosis manual logging is great as it gets you in tune with the situation that has just landed on your doorstep. Doing the paper logs initially was great because you didnt have the burden of learning anything electronically new on top of the diabetes learning curve.

    I think though that after a while all of the devices that we have come to use then take over. It seems all of the pumps, meters, heck even apps for your phone, do a much better job.

    For us, once the Dexcom arrived I never wrote a paper log again.
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    Nope ... never have. Scientists here .... never needed it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Portabella View Post
    Hi everyone! Does anybody with a pump still use logs like this? Just wondering.
    Rarely use them. They can be helpful though, when you want to include notes or details about food or activity. Sometimes those details really help when you are trying to figure out patterns for insulin adjustments. I know when my daughter was busy with different school activities, I would forget what she did on last Tuesday afternoon...thinking oh we must have over-bolused the food, when sometimes it was, oh yeah, we ran the mile in PE that afternoon. I think when ill, it is a good idea too. I was more likely to look at the list/log on the counter to see what the last dose was, what she had eaten, etc, than disturb her to look at her pump.

    It's all what you get used to. Whichever method you actually USE will work.
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    We used something similar when Abby was in elementary school as the nurses were required to log.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Portabella View Post
    Hi everyone! Does anybody with a pump still use logs like this? Just wondering.
    Scientist here - and yes we used paper log books for as long as my daughter was living at home..

    Just used one again when she was back for a visit, to get a handle on some trends.

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    When my daughter went from daycare, to school and then to home we used an Excel spreadsheet. We always put it in her diabetic bag and it went with her everywhere. If anything went wrong, all of her basals and ratios were on the sheet. Blank Log.jpg
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