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    Anyone have any information on this? Since our kids qualify as disabled, what are the federal tax "benefits" available to them? I saw someone mention this in a thread...can't remember who or where .

    Does anyone know about this? TIA
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    The Canadians get a tax break. U.S. citizens do not.
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    It depends on where you live. Some of the discussion related to posters from Canada whose disability definition and benefits are very different from the U.S. In the U.S., type 1 diabetes can fall under the definition of disability in the Americans with Disabilities Act because type 1 affects a major life activity, i.e. eating. However, the ADA is an anti-discrimination law, not a law that confers benefits. Benefits are conferred under the Social Security Act, and type 1 does not automatically entitle one to benefits absent other factors. Also, some states provide benefits, particularly medical, so if you're in the U.S., you may want to check into that.
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    yes, in Canada people who are insulin dependant are considered disabled and receive a tax credit. PM me if you want info.
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    Lucky Canadians! LOL

    Thanks...our world-wide membership had me confused.
    Mom to Ryan, , 15 dx'd with Type 1 D 1/23/06
    and Hunter, 6
    Dh Bill Married 19 years

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    lucky yes, but is was only recently that we could actually get this credit without taking it to tax court. When we were diagnosed originally CRA denied us because back then it wasn't officially a recognized disablity by CRA, ( IRS) , but now the rules have been changed that if you have the correct documentation from Dr and correct tax documentation you will get it.
    It was great when we won our appeal as they had to readjust three years worth of tax returns which resulted in a couple of nice returns which doesn't come close to replacing the income we lost because my wife stays home full time to be accesible to Megan
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