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Thread: Online Survey of Insulin Pump Concepts

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    Default Online Survey of Insulin Pump Concepts

    A note from a CWD supporter. Please take a couple minutes to share your thoughts.


    Hello CWD members!

    We are diabetes focused research company that is currently conducting a research study on some new insulin pump concepts, and we would like to invite YOU to participate in our online survey.

    In order to participate you must:

    Currently be using an insulin pump


    Taking daily injections/shots of insulin

    In this survey, we are looking to get your feedback on some new ideas involving the integration of insulin pumps with smartphones and tablets.

    If you would like to voice your opinions, and shape the future of insulin pumps, please click on the link below to begin the online survey.


    The Mobile Health Research Team

    P.S. As a token of our appreciation, we will be making a donation to the online diabetes community of your choice. Please see the survey for more info.
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    I goofed this up. For any parent who takes the survey on behalf of their child, make sure you check that YOU use an an insulin pump or do MDI. I said no, thinking there would be a caretaker option, but there is not one. Now it recognizes my IP address and I can't go back and answer differently.
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    Won't let me answer because I don't have a smartphone.
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