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Thread: refusing to do section 504

  1. Default refusing to do section 504

    My daughter is type 1 diabetic and celiac. Sometimes she has stomach sensitivity that causes lot of issues with food. She was also behind in class cause she is severely dyslexic. When I called up the Wilson county 504 plan coordinator she said they don't do 504. I should work with the school and come up with a plan. I find this ridiculous. The school puts all pressure on parents to get things done as they want. I am just lost battling with a nurse and nurse supervisor who wants their life to be as easy as possible.

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    The 504 plan coordinator said that the school district doesn't do 504s? Um, what?

    Send a letter to the 504 plan coordinator and copy the school principal and superintendent officially requesting a 504 meeting. If they refuse, then you can explore your options. But you have to have proof that you requested a meeting and they denied it or failed to act before you can proceed much further.
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    you need to look into a IEP. Her learning is impacted, and not just because of D or celiac. Make sure you document everything while in the process.
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    A written request for an eval for an IEP or 504 is needed. Then the school is required to proceed in a timely fashion. Good luck. The area education agency may also have a child advocate or parent - teacher liason available to help with the process.
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    Default Call your school principal

    I agree - I don't understand why the district person would say this!?

    But - I am a teacher in a public school. Where we are, each school has a 504 coordinator onsite. Usually it is the principal or assistant principal - sometimes guidance counselor. They CANT refuse to do one - it is federal law.

    I would first contact your principal by phone to see if your school has a school-based 504 coordinator and request a meeting. If no response, then follow up in writing. I had to provide a doctor's letter as proof of my child's health condition for the plan to proceed. Maybe you can go ahead and get working on that on your end.

    You should be able to get a quick response.

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    CALL BACK ASAP and ask what the reason is for not doing a 504 for her.....we fought and fought with our son's school over wanting to have a 504 inplace last school year only to be told no each time I requested. I was finally told that he couldn't have a 504 b/c he had an IEP for delayed development. I then did some research and found out that the information that should be in a 504 for his diabetes needed to be included in his IEP and should have been added to his IEP at time of his diagnosis which was 6 weeks after his IEP was written.
    Do not waste time, I regret not pushing harder last year. Maybe a call from your Endo's office social worker will make the school understand that they need to work with you and not against you.

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    What state are you in?

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    Momofmarch2boys: Thanks for responding. I plan to speak to the counsellor offered by the doctors office. They had suggested I can do a 504.
    They did put my daughter in IEP but it does not cover the diabetes needs and the nurses role in it.
    I am in Tennessee.
    The section 504 co ordinator said that "we dont encourage anybody to do a secion 504. You need to work with your school and come up with a plan for your daughter" I thought that was what section 504 does in addition to enforcing it.
    At the moment I am so worn out with the stress school causes. The other thing I found so wrong was, we tried getting her in a montessori private school, they said they dont take kids with health issues like diabetes.

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    Since you already have an IEP you really don't need the 504, it's extra paperwork when all the documents can be rolled into one. Once a student is placed on an IEP anything can be added to encompass every problem or diagnosis they have. Call for an IEP meeting (which can be called at anytime during the year) to amend the modifications and accomodations to add diabetes.

    Don't go for the 504, demand that they amend the IEP.

    If they refuse to amend the IEP, contact the American diabetes association advocates, and file complaints with OCR.
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    I am going to send you a private message. I think I can help you. I'm in TN too (county next to you). We had trouble in 2007 and got things changed for the whole district.

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