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Thread: 17 month old with a pump?

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    Default 17 month old with a pump?

    My son was diagnosed at 13 months with type I DM. We have been doing alright with blood glucose control but it is really hard to dose accurately with such small doses (on 6 units total daily with levemir and humalag). When we do a correction factor it is 0.25 units! I am really motivated to switch him to a pump to help with accuracy. Does anyone have a small toddler with a pump? We did a "Pump Try On" this weekend and it was so-so. My son did a great job wearing it during the day and was not at all intersted in it. However, his twin brother thought it looked like great fun so he was constantly grabbing it and trying to push buttons. Also, during nap my son took the pump off his belt, was pushing buttons and chewing on the the insulin cartridge cap and tubing. He destroyed the rubber cap entirely! I realize a pump wear pack would help minimize his access to it but wanted to hear if anyone had any advice. The Animas rep suggested the tank tops with the pocket on the back or a shoulder holster. Anyone try this? Woudn't it be uncomfortable for him to sit in a high chair, car seat etc with it on his back all the time?
    I appreciate your input as I hate to order a pump and have it not work. I would love to do Omnipod but the minimum basal settings are too high.
    Thank you!!

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    My daughter was considerably older when she began pumping but there are folks with young toddlers here who pump and I'm sure they will chime in.

    Meanwhile, I'd look at the animas ping for the remote capability and try both a soft flannel type pump pouch and the undershirt and just keep the tubing and pump out of sight, out of mind. I'm sure that eventually the novelty of the pump will fade and your other son will eventually get the message that the pump is off limits.

    Good luck.
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    My son got his pump at 20 months old. We have the Medtronic pump. His site is in his upper rear, so he has always worn his pump in a belt with the pump in the back. The Medtronic has a lock option so that he can't mess with settings and such if he does get to the buttons (but that's pretty much never been a problem). His pump belts are always snug, so it's nearly impossible to get to the pump easily since it's on his back. We like the Spibelt, but have several types of belts.
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    Hopefully other people with pumping toddlers will chime in, but I know some people put the pump in a regular pump pouch, and modify the closure so that it is too difficult for little hands to undo. I believe that all of the screens on the pumps can be locked, too. You may want to get your hands on them and see which lock would be most difficult for your little guy to figure out.

    I think a pump would be invaluable for a baby/toddler.
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    My son was two when diagnosed and started the pump 10 weeks later. We use the Medtronics pump and used the shirts with the pocket in the back. We had an aunt make them by using sleeveless undershirts. She sewed a pocket on the back that secured with velcro. There was a hole for the tubing and it worked with arm and bottom sites. He really couldn't reach it. It was kind of a pain to have to pull it out to look at, but it was our best option. Now, at 4, we use a belt with a clear screen window. I have a bunch of shirts that he outgrew that are in decent shape that I would be will to ship to you.

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    My dd began pumpIng at age 2. I think it is a wonderful choice for little ones. The small doses really help. We had her wear undershirts with pump pockets on the side or back so she really couldn't get to it herself.
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    My little boy was diagnosed at 9 months old and started pumping at 17 month. We went with Omnipod so he wouldn't pull on the tubing and press buttons after trying Medtronic and Animas Ping. We have been pumping with Omnipod for over 6 months now and loving it. Its super easy to apply, there is no tubing, manual priming, rewinding etc. I just fill the new pod, slap it on his bum, thighs or upper arms and press start. He doesn't even notice it anymore. Once in awhile he would reach out and sort of feel it with his hand but that's about it. It is of course a personal choice, but I can't imagine having an actual pump, heavy and bulky in my opinion, hanging off him 24/7. His TDD was 7 units when he started pumping.

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    My son was diagnosed at 15 months and we started pumping at just shy of 22 months. We use the Ping because of the remote. We can keep it out of the way, and while we were worried he'd mess with it, he really hasn't. He just turned four, and we've yet to lose a site while playing hard - and he's ALL boy. We put his sites on his tush, and had no issues with it getting in the way if potty training (something else I was nervous about).

    We have gone back and forth with toddler tanks and spi belts. The tank we like best is from Kangaroo Pump Pockets.

    Pumping was the perfect decision for us. It is so much easier to bolus for the way a busy toddler eats, and we struggled on Lantus because if we gave him what he needed to stay level during the day, he'd go low at night. Vice versa and he'd be sky high at night, but so insulin sensitive that sometimes a carefully drawn 0.25 units in a syringe would send him crashing.

    We've never used numbing cream for sites, but have used a Magic Rock (a small smooth stone kept in the freezer). We used the art of distraction (and bubble gum when he got a bit older), and I wouldn't trade that inconvenience every three days for four shots a day (at least).

    We did a saline trial ourselves, but refused to have him do one. It wasn't his decision at 22 months, and it seemed cruel to subject him to a site and shots at the same time.

    Feel free to reach out with other questions.
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    We started pumping with the Omnipod 3 months after she was dx at 2 1/2 years. She didn't play with it or fiddle with it but then again all toddlers differ in their behavior. Good luck!

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    Thomas was diagnosed at 4.5 months and started pumping before he was discharged from hospital. In the beginning we used the medtronic clip on case because we had trouble finding others that would fit. After a couple of months we were finding it bulky, so for about 1.5 years we used a plastic zip loc snack size bag with pump inside, and we bought a bunch of cloth training pants and we put the bag with pump between his diaper and the undies. I ordered some pump bands from diabete-ezy about a year after diagnosis but the smallest size was too big and he didn't start using them until about a year ago. We use his butt for sites. In the beginning we used his outer upper thigh because he was so chubby, but when he started slimming out and picking them off all the time we started using his butt. We do keep the cases / bands inside of his pants now. He doesn't bother picking at it or taking it out.
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