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Thread: Have your kids ever got the 'you check too much' at the endo office speech?

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    Default Have your kids ever got the 'you check too much' at the endo office speech?

    Saw a different doc today. He said they were checking too much.
    mine were doing 8-12 a day.
    I must say no other NP or doc has mentioned this before at this office.

    How many times a day does your kids check?
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    We probably do 8 - 6 as a minimum.. The Dr is good with that.. sometimes the DE makes us feel as though its too many.
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    We do 8-12 and have never heard that we check too much. What if you had a CGM? Than you'd have constant numbers. My dd refuses to wear one but I figure if I check a lot (often rechecking numbers after 15 minutes to see which way they are going) then maybe I can sort of mimic the effects.
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    We did have our doctor talk to DD about testing too much. She was testing 18-22 times a day, mostly at school, and we simply couldn't get enough strips. Plus, and this is the biggest issue, she truly wasn't getting any useful or meaningful info from her testing. She would test 3 or 4 times in a half hour and be in the 100-150 range every single time. She just liked knowing her number. The doctor really helped her understand testing times and understand good times to test, plus understand the times that testing would give highs and lows (testing 3 times right after lunch, testing lows every 5 minutes) and it made a huge difference. We requested that talk, though. Our family doc and insurance nurses always comment that she only needs to test 4 times a day, but their comments really don't matter.

    Also, pre-Dexcom we tested more. Now, with the Dex, they usually test 3-4 times a day.
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    My daughter's prescription is written for 8-12 times per day, and that's with CGM. I asked once if we were doing too much testing with having the CGM, and I was told that what we were doing was working and not to change a thing. I'd be concerned about a dr. saying that, quite honestly. Is it pressure from the insurance rather than concern for your child's health?
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    Default No speech for us

    We probably checked on an average 8 times per day.
    BUT - now that we have the Dexcom, we don't test near as much. Probably down to 4 times a time - sometimes a little more depending on the numbers.

    This really saves strips and cuts down on the fingersticks.

    I don't think 8 - 10 times a day is that much.

    If you want more frequent numbers - maybe you can look into a Dexcom? It really has helped peace of mind so we don't have to check so much.

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    At one point many years ago pre-CGM my endo tried to figure out if I was testing too much by looking at my numbers to see if there was any time of day that I was testing but was never hypo. Since there was no such time, he concluded that even though it looked like a lot of testing, he couldn't really say it was too much.
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    No, but there's no real way for our endo to know how much we check. He just downloads the CGM.
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    No, but the number of tests really varies depending upon the kind of day she's having. In low key, nothing special day that happens to have no lows and/or just mild highs, she tests every time she eats and with her lantus dose - so that would be probably be 5 times.

    But, with summer and its busy, busy days, I've been testing a lot more often at 2:00 a.m. - so that's 6.

    But add in one "feeling low" and you get at least two more tests.

    Add a trip to the pool or some sports practice or other "I'm off to go exert lots of energy" event and you get at least one more test because she makes sure she's got some sugar to burn before she heads out. And during the school year, she tests after gym and before she heads home, so those are two random tests a day during the school year.

    So I would say average is more than 6, but unless it's a "low" day, 10 would be on the high end.
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    We've had the comment "you've definitely been checking a lot" comment, but it wasn't meant to be negative. Our endo/nurse take into consideration the activities she does and type of day she was having. Recently, my daughter was at camp and the nurse asked do you want an overnight check? I said yes, normally we do 10-11 and 2-3. She said OK, no problem. The doctor, who happened to be in our practice, said "really?" "You want to check her at night, every night?" My response was YEP! Especially since she is here at camp and isn't it the clinics protocol to encourage testing, especially when activity level is high? LOL, she looked at me, shrugged and walked away!

    Pre-CGM we were checking anywhere between 8-12 times a day. Now she's down to about 6 (on a good day).

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