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Thread: How often do you calibrate your Dexcom G4?

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    Every time, unless BG is falling or rising really fast.
    Shopgirl, do you love your G4? We do! Very much!

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    It depends. If she's with me, every check. But when she's off with a friend, school etc, only if she texts me and I remind her etc. She feels her lows very much so hates the Dex and doesn't yet see the point of it so basically ignores it as much as possible. Sigh.

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    With Dexcom I was taught by the reps to calibrate at all levels of bg ( ie high sugars, in range, and mild lows) early in the life of a sensor and I have personally found this to be helpful so the first day or two I may calibrate up to 4 times a day to catch a broader range of blood sugars.

    After that I tend to calibrate twice a day or when it's off. When it's off I've also learned the hard way to repeat the fingerstick first as lots of times it's actually the meter reading that was off.

    Like others I avoid calibrating during times of rapid change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah Maddie's Mom View Post
    We probably do 3, maybe 4 in a 24 hrs period. When it requests one, obviously, but also if the numbers are nice and steady and also if the calibration request is on a bad schedule for us, like the middle of the night or during school then we'll calibrate earlier to reset the clock
    This is what we do, as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LoveMyHounds View Post
    Every time, unless BG is falling or rising really fast.
    Shopgirl, do you love your G4? We do! Very much!
    We do love ours! I am amazed to follow the trends and see things that make him spike. Last night we caught him dropping low very fast, and it was so nice to be able to catch it - because he gives me no sign at all.

    It is such a wonderful device to have
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    We've had ours for only 3 days now, and I've found myself calibrating it often. I think when I was first reading the manual and watching the tutorials I thought it would be really bothersome to have to calibrate all the time, but now I realize it's easy to do, and only takes a couple seconds, so I've been doing it about 4 times a day, unless rapidly rising or falling.

    Oh and I LOVE it. Love, love, love.

    DS is taking a nap right now. Usually (pre-Dex) I would sit and worry that he may be going low, and eventually give in and wake him up so I could test him. Now, I'm sitting here with the receiver (transmitter?- can never remember) watching him stay nice and steady around 130. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....
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    It's the receiver that you read. The transmitter is what clicks into the sensor

    We love ours as well, call it "Wilson" and it's a godsend
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    Ours is Harold. We calibrate whenever it's way off or it asks.
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    I didn't have an option that fit my calibrations. We calibrate before each meal, when she is most stable, and then one of us calibrates before WE go to bed. Then, we never get the blood drop because we calibrate more frequently. Its rarely off by more than a few points, and usually that's just the first day.
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