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Thread: How much $ do you pay/charge for childcare?

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    Default How much $ do you pay/charge for childcare?

    Looking for info for fees for childcare. Do you watch other children and how much do you charge, or how much do you pay for childcare while you work? Do you double the amount for 2 kids or how does it work? My MIL usually watches my children, but I wanted to find someone who has other kids they can play with. I had someone (a family friend) say they would like between $11-12 an hour. I had no idea it costs that much! That's $3 more than minimum wage.My boys are 9 and 11. There isn't much maintenance with them. Do you pay more bc you have a cwd? Thoughts?
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    Wow 11-12 dollars an hour. What is the point of even working, you would be working just to pay the babysitter. My friend charges I believe $5 an hour for 2 kids and she also charges for meals.
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    I personally think that's very expensive, but I guess it depends on where you live. I would suggest you get the local paper and call the ads for childcare to give you an idea what the cost is in your area. Does your school district have a before/after program? You may want to check into that as well.
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    Here , child care is around $800 per month per child full time at a day home. My daughter does casual babysitting ( evening) and the going rate is about $10-12/hour for 2 kids...

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    I am EXTREMELY blessed with my childcare provider. I send my kids to a lady who watches kids out of her home. I pay $2.25 an hour for one child, and $3.00 an hour when both my kids are there. No extra charge for meals or snacks. She has anywhere from 5-10 kids there. I don't pay any extra for my son with D even though he is more "maintenance" than the other kids--and she learned to test sugar, give shots, run the pump, count carbs (even figuring carb counts for her cookie and cake recipes) like it was no extra work! In fact, so far she is the only one (after almost 10 months) that I trust to watch my son, including family members. So I think $11-12 an hour is a lot. I don't even make $12 an hour and I have a state job!
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    I thought it was a lot. She said she hasn't babysat for a while. My neighbor has 5 kids and last summer went through a service and paid $12 and hr for all 5 kids. She said it goes down $1-2 for each kid. She said she would work with me though. I think it would seem like an insult if I offered $7 and hour. She's about 23 or 24 going to grad school this fall.
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    I used to go with whatever the parents thought was fair when I did babysitting... I got about $8 / hr. for 3 kids for one family, $10 / hr. for 1 kid and the dog in another family (this family was QUITE well off), and $6 / hr. for 2 kids in a third family all that I babysat for regularly...

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    For dates and such I pay a high school girl $6 an hour for 2 kids. They are older and just need someone to keep them under control while we're gone.

    For summer childcare, I use someone who watches several kids in her house. My two, her three and 1-3 others, depending on day of week. I pay $25 a day for each, so $50 a day. They are there a little less than 8 hours so it's just over $6 an hour for both of them. From her point of view, she is staying home with her kids and making $50-$250 a day (depending on kid count as none of us are 5 day families). I could see paying $10-12 an hour for someone to come to my house and just watch my kids all day, but not as a drop off with other kids.
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    Interesting post, we have lived in NJ, NY, CA, MA and CT and I have never paid less than 10 per hour, usually 12-15 (for my three kids in my home).
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    I pay my 17 year old neighbor $10/hour to watch my brood of 6. It varies depending on if the kids are asleep the whole time versus running wild, how many are there (I only pay $4-5/hr if she's only watching 1 or 2 kids). But $10 and a ride home is the max we've agreed on. I don't leave her with everyone very often!
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