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    Hi guys How are you? I've been good except right now I have a cold and my sugar is high, but other wise I am okay.
    Are you on shots, or a pump? What pump do you use? I have been using the minimed pump since I was 7. It's purple.

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    Hey Ella!

    I'm well, thanks for asking. It sucks having a cold! Make sure to drink lots of water, that always makes me feel a little bit better, and it keeps you hydrated.

    I'm on a pink Minimed insulin pump, but before that I was on an OmniPod, and before that, I was on a Deltec Cozmore pump! I loved that pump to death. Sadly, it stopped working last year or so. ):

    I hope you feel better soon, kiddo! (:
    Currently using the Minimed Paradigm + Dexcom G4 sensor.
    T1D since 2006.

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    I'm on the blue ping=) sorry you have a cold=(
    - Jess, age 18- dx with t1d 2/3/10
    DEXCOMING! with the G4
    Carteract free since 10/28/10

    Check out my blog -

    college student (Class of 2017) and a nursing major


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