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Thread: 504 meeting update

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    What a challange!

    "put SUGAR on their fruit" I am speechless. I actually wanted to type a foul word! NOw I want to rant! Way wrong even without factoring in diabetes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Connor's Mom View Post
    put sugar on the fruit to get the kids to eat it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Connor's Mom View Post
    They cite being a small school they do not have the money to hire someone to calculate that for everything. They say because we are small we are fortunate enough to still make most of our meals from scratch and because of that, the carbohydrate value wouldn't be the same any way.
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    I agree...lazy.

    Thanks for the kind words and support!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Connor's Mom View Post
    Our school couldn't give you the nutritional information for a complete lunch.
    It's not worth another fight this close to the end of the year. I will continue to address it next year and the next until they comply.
    I know someone who had this same problem. She contacted the head of food services and explained her dilemma. The food service director told her about the same thing...but that she was welcome to come in and get a list of the things they had and together they could try and figure out as close to possible the carb counts. So by reaching out to this person in a friendly manner, it was much more effective.

    Oops...just saw the the comment about sugar. YIKES!

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    I have some of the pre packaged information(thanks to a great nurse). The manager doesn't want to be responsible if the package is wrong or if they substitute a different item. It's crazy. I only asked for the school to provide me the information for unspecified items on the dessert or potato. I said if they could just let me know what the items are it would be helpful. The school is sticking with the "He only needs supervision counting carbs so, YOU don't need that information.". Again, the lawyer said not to worry so, I am holding onto that in faith that it will work out.

    I have not always raised a fuss. I started out 3 years ago very calm and peaceful. It has taken several bad incidents to change my attitude toward things. My son deserves the same school experience that every other student does. To achieve that, he needs certain accommodations. It's my job to make sure they are provided and followed. We are on the right track now and it is a good feeling.


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