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Thread: I guess we are now untethered.

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    Default I guess we are now untethered.

    So I did a site change and I really did not think that my dd would let me do a shot of Lantus, it took a couple of extra minutes but we did it and I will take the pump off soon.

    WIsh me luck that I can figure our ratios and ISF's in the next week while I am off of school. Let alone how to deal with activities.


    not sure I would have said ok without it.
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    Good luck. Depending on your basal needs it may be easy or hard after the first week of "hard" untethered trys always involved a good portion of my basal coming from the pump. Not sure if you are using the lantus for all your basal or not. But if you are using lantus for most of your basal then just know you may need to do two shots of lantus. If your basal needs were very different (on the pump) over 24 hours then it will be harder. My basals on a pump range from .24 to .35 units an hour (for a few hours after midnight) to .80 to .95 units per hour for 6 hours of the day, lantus could never do that. So hopefully your Doc has helped you work this all out. Good luck and it is doable just needs some work. ali

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    We have been going unteathered since last summer and ds prefers it. He frequently is able to spend the night without an infusion set in. His basal needs have increased over that time but so far we have been able to adjust with just the increase in his lantus dose. Good luck, hope it works well for you.
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    We do untethered every summer. The first week or two is pretty tricky trying to get everything to fall into place, but then it's routine. We do it without CGM and it's been successful. My daughter actually can't wait for summer to do it again. She likes the break, it's enough for her to have the freedom of going pumpless (we do hook up at night).

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