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Thread: Start pumping Thursday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cm4kelly View Post
    It allowed us so much freedom whenever he wanted a snack - we could say yes, just punch in the carbs and go.

    Weird, huh? We got used to our tight eating schedule over the past six months.

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    Good luck! I hope it goes well. Remember, they are just numbers and they can be corrected! Anything new is rough at first!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Connor's Mom View Post
    Good luck! I hope it goes well. Remember, they are just numbers and they can be corrected! Anything new is rough at first!
    Your right. Sometimes before I take her bsg, I'm thinking I did everything right, counted right, insulined her right and she is 300????!!!! Just a number
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    And loving it!!!!

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    Good luck! We start on May 11th with the animas ping. So scared but so excited too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mommy For Life View Post
    DD started pumping in February...she loves it! Only advice is look for patterns....DD had more highs at night, a few hours after bed. If I saw three days of highs, up went the basals! Also, try to get the basals set for the night down first then move to morning, lunch, dinner. One more thing breath!! Good luck! Did you get the book Pumping Insulin yet? A must read!
    We are on day 5. We have family giving us the same advice about getting the basals right first starting with night, then morn, lunch, dinner. The first couple of days caused some anxiety but we love it now! We use the inset 30 with the Animas ping. The infusion set was our main concern. We did one site change on Saturday and she did not want to co-operate. I intend to do much better preparation next time. She needs to be in a happy mood when we start the infusion set change. My second point would be to do extra bg tests initially so you can see some trends.
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    Good Luck! We start on May 8th and I can't wait! My son is so excited! I just hope I'm not in a puddle of tears for a week.

    The few things people have told me are...

    1. Write down the steps of how to do things step by step when you have the trainer with you. Apparently, you may think you'll remember how to do things because they seem so obvious but two days later, when you have to do them yourself, you can't remember.

    2. Write down any questions you have ahead of time and don't let the trainer rush you.

    3. Ask what to do when/if your child goes low and you can't get him/her back up. This happened to a friend of mine and she said she had to feed her son carbs all night because she didn't know what her options were.

    4. Have all of your contact numbers in one place and by your phone so in the middle of the night or when you may be nervous, you don't have to look for them.

    5. Do not take all of your supplies out of the boxes. Leave them in the boxes just in case you have to exchange them. Apparently, it is a good idea to leave them in the boxes always in case they are recalled because the lot numbers are easier to find and they are easier to return for replacements.

    I'm trying to gather more tips before May 8th!
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