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Thread: How to work in a morning snack during school?

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    My son is almost 8. At lunch time he enters all the info into the pump and the nurse just double-checks before he his "OK". This is new for him, and so far it's going good. Not sure I'd trust him to do it by himself tho....

    He has breakfast at 7am. Lunch at 12. His class snack is at 9.30. I have his I:C set so that he can have a low car snack (6-8g) uncovered, and he'll still be in range at lunch. I know this works out OK for him as we check his Dex log for the day and there are no major fluctuations.

    Twice a week he has PE straight after snack, on those days I don't mind giving him a few extra carbs to hold him over.

    Things I give him include:
    Carbmaster yogurts: 4g
    Cutie satsumas: 7g
    Freeze dried fruit: 7-9g
    Trailmix: peanuts, pumpkin seeds, small amount dried fruit and choc chips: 5-9g (I mix this up myself so can literally add just 1-2 choc chips to keep him happy!)
    small jerky sticks: 1g each
    Sugar-free cookies: 2 for 5g

    I also find those individually-packaged treat size Goldfish and other cracker-type things - usually the Holidays such as Halloween, Valentine's etc.. are a good time to pick these up.
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    If I were doing this, I'd probably go for raising the basal rate at the time of the snack. I assume that for Animas you can raise the basal in half hour increments? If so, I'd do something like this:

    7.15AM - Breakfast
    7.15AM-10AM - Normal basal rate
    10AM-10.30AM - Normal basal rate plus however much is required to cover the carbs
    10.30AM onwards - Normal basal rate

    That way her basal insulin will cover the carbs and she should be in normal range by lunchtime. The only slight issue is that she would HAVE to eat her snack or a low would happen, but she might be happier with that than with no snack at all. And perhaps whoever would help her with a low in the school day could also check that she has eaten her snack?
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    Sophie has a similar schedule as your little one. She eats breakfast around 7 am, and has the option of a midmoring snack around 10am. She checks her bg and bolus on her own. Then she has lunch around 11:30. Her numbers have been much better with the morning snack. I would suggest a low carb snack or carb free if you can, but if she wants something more, I would bolus for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ashtensmom View Post
    Pumping equilavent to NPH...what an excellent analogy! And now that I have read it, I am thinking I would be crazy to go that route! I am favoring low or 0 carb snack.
    I wasn't sure if you would find the analogy comforting or appalling, but I figured it would shed some light on the subject one way or the other!

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    Daniel eats his free snack 15g's everyday...with no problems...he only needs shot for lunch....

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