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    Nate~my non-D "healthy child" has had me running all over to Doctors appointments. About 6 weeks back he was injured at soccer practice when a teammate landed on his ankle (he is a goalie). We took him to his PCP who said it wasn't sprained, sent him for X-rays & no breaks....he sent us on our way without telling us to wrap it, no walking boot, crutches or anything (we had him wrap it for 2 weeks anyway). It ended up taking 3 weeks before they sent him to an Orthopedic doc only to find out his growth plate on his fibula is injured! They put him in a walking boot for 2 weeks but he still couldn't put any weight on it so now he is in a cast & on crutches. They don't want any weight put on it for 2 weeks. Meanwhile his spring soccer season is underway & he is missing all his games~ I feel horrible for him.
    Then... about 4 weeks ago he failed his hearing test at school! Went to the doc a week later and got the same results, but there was fluid in his ear. 2 weeks of flonase to clear that up and he failed again. Back to the doc for another hearing was worse than the previous one but there wasn't any more fluid. Off to the ENT yesterday for an exam & another hearing test. He definitely has mild hearing loss but the doc doesn't know why. He is having him go back in 3 weeks to repeat the hearing test and if it is not better he will send him for a CT scan.
    We go back to the Ortho doc next week to see if that is finally healing and Ben & Lilly have their checkups at Childrens the week after! Does this craziness ever end? I thought I had my hands full with 2 D kids and now all this. My head is spinning!

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    Oh my goodness! That is a lot to be going through and I feel your frustration! Hang in there. Hopefully things will take a turn for the better

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    Oh criminy Melissa! Im sorry youve got so much on your plate now I so hope that the ENT can do more testing to see whats going on with your son's hearing problems and I hope that the kids appt at Children's goes very smoothly. You need a vacation, or at the least a night out with friends.
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    Oh no! We're having those kinds of times right now too. ((HUGS)) Hopefully the ENT can get you some answers, and the endo appointments go well.
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    When it rains it pours sometimes. We went through a period like this around Christmas time...but it centered around nasty stomach bugs and car trouble. It was one thing after another! One night, after cleaning up after yet another gastrointestinal accident...I just broke down. I told my sister later it was like getting pecked to death by one thing was so terrible, it was just that they didn't stop coming and I couldn't catch a break! I woke up every morning kind of cringing and wondering what new trouble the day would bring. But, as expected, things calmed down, food started staying inside my kids, cars ran normally went on!

    Hang in there...I hope this string of bad luck ends for you soon and you have a happy Spring ahead of you!
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    Thanks ladies. Just got back from the ortho. His ankle is healing but will need PT for the next few weeks. Poor kid will miss at least 2 more weeks of sports!

    Mom to
    Benjamin 14 dx'd 2/24/08 Untethered- Lantus/ pumping w/ clear MM 3/27/08
    Nathan 13 Non-D
    Lillian 10 dx'd 5/10/04 untethered-Lantus/pumping w/ pink MM 8/05


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