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Thread: Oops - accidentally checked wrong child!

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    Default Oops - accidentally checked wrong child!

    I just came upstairs to my bedroom and discovered one of my daughters had snuck into our bed and was sleeping peacefully under all the covers on my husband's side of the bed (he's still downstairs watching the news). I decided just to leave her there for now-it would make her bg check all the easier not having to go down the hall into her own room. I got the meter out, grabbed her little pinky, and pricked her. Not until after reading the result - 108 - did I take a closer look at my child. It wasn't Ella! But rather her 3 1/2 yr old sister! I should have known that Ella never has a number that low at bedtime. Not sure if it is the fact that I am so tired, or that my contacts are out, or that the girls just look that much alike.... I feel like the biggest goof - I know Ella will get a laugh out of it in the morning. At least poor little Lily didn't even flinch, much less wake up!
    PS - 108 is normal, right?
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    LOL, I can't help but chuckle! I think we've all been prone to this at one point or another. And yes, 108 is perfectly normal!
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    Good thing you didn't wake her up and try to feed her juice.

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    Just did this two nights ago. Thought the wife said ds moved to the floor in a sleeping bag. Went to check him late at night. Wondered why he pulled his hand away so fast after the prick. Whoopsy! It was the older son and he's a bit stronger than his brother.
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    I've never checked the wrong child but have tried to give insulin with the PDM to the wrong child. Several times I have tried to bolus my younger (Non D) son. I hold the PDM up to where the POD would be on my daughter and then figure out it is the wrong child when nothing is happening. Both times he just says "wrong kid".
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    I just did this last night LOL. The girls switched bunks on me...They don't look the LEAST bit alike (5 years apart and different races), but in my defense, it was dark, I was exhausted and I just knew I needed to prick a finger on the top bunk and go back to bed.
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    Lol! I did that to a child that wasn't even mine! My son had a friend sleep over and I checked the friend instead it was a beautiful 124 the best part is the friend never knew but my son was awake and told me as I left the wrong kid oops
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