I'm really liking the BG logging facility. Can't figure out how to change my avatar though, LOL.

I think I could find myself actually logging on here. The slider thing is really cool, plus the fact that it does mmol/l and mg/dl. And I do like graphs. The only extra I'd love there would be if it could tell you average BGs for different times of day, or after particular amounts of carbs. Imagine how cool it would be to have a facility where you entered carbs and BGs and it said "hey, you go high after every meal". Doesn't seem like it would be too complicated either (obviously it would be for me - I'm not a web designer, haha).

But failing that, it would be nice to get several graphs overlapped onto each other, or an 'average' graph. Or even pie charts like the MM carelink software does, to tell you how often you're in range or whatever?

Okay, I'm probably focusing too much on this tiny area of the site. The other stuff is cool too.