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    Default Itchy CGM site

    I know postings have been done on this topic, but I didn't take notes because it wasn't my it is. My kid wears a Dexcom and suddenly the tape is itching him after a couple of days. What has worked for you all with the same problem? Many thanks.
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    I've been having a similar problem only I end up with a rash under the sensor and all around the site. Has anyone experienced the same problem and can offer advice on how to prevent this?

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    Several people on here have had itchy reactions. We tried many different under barriers and even took off the Dexcom tape and applied our own. Seems my son was allergic to metal in sensor. He had to switch to MM CGM.
    If you search my posts you can read mine about this.
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    With us it was the tape. We now use a silicone based barrier called Sillesse. The company sent us a sample and it has worked!
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    My daughter is very sensitive to the Dex adhesive and kept scratching so much that her receivers would fall off after a few days. We tried every type of medical tape, adhesive, wipe, and anything else we could find-- some left big red welts on her skin!

    What's currently working for us: using Mastisol (liquid adhesive, purchased online, applied with a cotton pad or q-tip) under the Dex adhesive, and cutting a hole in the center of an IV2000 patch and putting it on top of the Dex adhesive. Neither of those things is meant to reduce itching, of course, but for some reason, it's working for her.

    Our endo also recommended that we use SkinPrep wipes as our next option... we used to use those with her pump, but haven't tried them with the Dex.

    If she gets really itchy between site changes we use Benedryl spray on her skin, and immediately after removing it, we use Neosporin on her skin.
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