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Thread: 6 Good things about having type 1 diabetes

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    Lightbulb 6 Good things about having type 1 diabetes

    1. you have an excuse to leave in the middle of class.
    2. you can tell people that you arnt afraid of needles because you give them daily.
    3. you can go to the front of the line in some amusement parks just because your a diabetic.
    4. you get to have a diabetic alert dog (if you can afford one)
    5. you get to go on these forums.
    6. if you dont want to do something you can blame it on your diabetes.

    add more to the list and we can see how high we can go!
    I am a 15year old girl

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    7. It makes you practice your arithmetic so you get better at it.

    8. It makes you see the doctor regularly, which can mean other health issues get caught earlier.

    9. It makes you think think think.

    10. You get to try out different gadgets (if you can afford them).
    dx age 17, now 25
    on Lantus for 7 years; on minimed 530 G since 12/7/13

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    11. I just 'had' to eat a brownie to stop my BG dropping overnight.

    12. You get a great feeling when an in range number pops up on your meter (at least, I do!).

    13. You get quite in tune with diet and nutrition - even though nobody made me eat differently because of diabetes, I definitely do eat healthier!

    14. Sometimes you can feel pretty strong for dealing with everything that diabetes gives you.

    15. It's taught me a lot about my body in general.
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    16. You have a good attitude to life and its little mishaps

    17. You get to meet other cool T1's you might now have known otherwise.

    18. You find out how much support there is available for diabetics from all over the world
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    (answering for my son)

    19. You get to stay up late some nights if you have to deal with ketones or lows before bed.

    20. You get a present and a cake and get to pick what to have for dinner on "Diabetes day" (his diagnosis anniversary).

    21. The school nurses picked me and my family to give some free tickets to "Sesame Place" last year because I'm one of their "special students."

    22. You get to go to diabetes camp (haven't gone yet, but I'm excited!)
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    23. Your awesome Mom gets to go on all the field trips.

    24. You can drink juice or diet soda on the bus during the field trip because your Mom carries it!

    25. You have a whole box of things that no one else in the house can touch because it's for your lows.

    26. You can make the toughest kid in the class cringe and you don't even flinch when you test your BG, even better when you take a shot!

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    27. You can make friends w/ the school nurse(better than you might think)

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    This makes me smile.
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    This makes me smile too Love this! Great idea!

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    I was just recently diagnosed so it has been hard dealing with my new lifestyle but this post brings up points that make having t1 suck just a little less. Thank you for this post and are you really allowed to cut in line at amusement parks??
    Type 1
    4-28-14 diagnosed


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