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Thread: Got Approved for My insulin pump

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    Talking Got Approved for My insulin pump

    Hi My name is Tiera and I was diagnosed with diabetes on Christmas of last year. I know must insurance companies require you to have been diabetic for at least 6 months before to try the insulin pump or at least Ive heard that. But I talked to my case manager form my insurance about and told her about why I really need the insulin pump (my job). She is very understanding I have had her as my case manager for about 3 years now. She told me to go ahead and send the paper work in for the insulin pump so my endo did. She had to pull a few strings but I got approved for the animas ping insulin pump.

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    Congrats. I think you'll love pumping once you get past the first 6-8 weeks and get basal rates where they need to be. Once you're comfortable with the pump mechanics of operating it, you'll feel like you've had it a lot longer. I just got my own Ping Last Saturday, it is nicknamed FRED II (Frigging Ridiculous Electronic Device II)


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