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    Hi, I am very concerned about my 3.6 year old Grandson, His sugar levels have been all over the place for awhile, what made us realize something was wrong is he wet the bed and he did not want to wake up all day ended in hospital with 12.9 levels, they came down themselves and was sent home.I decided to by a glucometre for my daughter to test when she thought she needed to. 6 months later wet the bed would not wake up properly his levels at 2.3, call the doc recommends a sweet drink had a couple of mouth fulls (cordiel) vomits and sleeps check levels half hour later they at 4 so thats good they are coming up, check again at 11 8.7 so we take him to the doc he tests and they are 8.9, sends him for ultra sound to rule out insulinoma. He said if he was diabetic he would be alot sicker everyday. Been checking his levels 3 to 4 times aday for a week now he is ranging from well yesterday before lunch it was 9.8 fasting one this morning 7.6. Could anyone please give me advice on what to watch for he wet the bed again last night and he never wets the bed.. Should we seek a second opinion?
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    You don't have to be sick to have diabetes. I suggest you take him back to the dr, or seak a second opinion.
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    Thankyou, I have spoken to my daughter and we are going to seek a 2nd opinion. He has been quiet sick twice now, but seems to bounce back. His levels can get quiet high at times well the highest was 15.2 and 11.6 but usually in the 8s or low nines, but other times they can be in the 6s and 7s they are all over the place. We are beside our selves with worry. I dont know nothing about diabeties or how the onset is what are normal blood numbers only what i read on google, thats why i thought it maybe best to talk to someone who may know and has been through it. Is between 4 and 7 normal.. Lincoln goes into hospital in 2 weeks for his tonsils and adenoid removal, I think it will be wise to mention his sugar levels are all over the place to his surgeon, is it true that that could also elevate them more. Please any info you could give would be wonderful.

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    I agree that you should seek a second opinion. You do not have to be sick to have diabetes. Many of our kids are very sick at diagnosis, because they are in dka. Much better to catch it before that happens.

    That 2.3 is just as scary as the 15.2, in my opinion. See if your GP will refer him to a pediatric endocrinologist. Something is clearly going on with that wide range of highs and lows.
    If you were in Sydney, I'd tell you to go to Westmead. My son was taken there from our local hospital by a NETS team when he was diagnosed. The endo group there is fantastic. I don't know anybody in Brisbane, unfortunately.
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    Thankyou for your support, we are concerned about the numbers, but they seem to come back around the normal themselves. My main concern is damage that may be happening to his little organs. We will def get a referral to see a specialist, we just need answers. No one knows theie child like a mother does and she feels something is not right with him. He was very sick as a baby in hospital being nasel gastric fed, they put it down to allergys. He was on a specific diet but seemed ok until late last year.. We will seek further medical attention. Thankyou again.. Thats what i wanted to know that his readings are not right as we thought.

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    When we first found out our daughter had diabetes we sourced a second opinion as well. I had gestational diabetes with our 2nd child so I am very concerned that we might be heading down the same track as our first. Fingers crossed he will be ok. She is now on an insulin pump which has made it so much easier to handle, Especially now she has started school. We make use of insulin pump wear and educate the teachers on her needs.
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