Our 12 year old son was diagnosed with diabetes in May 2011 and has recently started wearing an insulin pump.
For the fourth consecutive summer, he will be attending a seven week sleep-away camp in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York (just north of Saratoga Springs and Lake George). The camp is a leading camp in the U.S.-- however, it is not a diabetes camp. We are currently looking for a male who can serve as a full-time general counselor in our son's cabin at camp while simultaneously serving as a "shadow" for him, helping him manage his diabetes. The position runs from mid-June through the third week of August (including pre-camp orientation).
Friends of ours whose children have diabetes and attend the same camp have successfully filled this position for several summers and have a lot of positive experience to share.
Our son is a fun-loving, active, sensitive boy who enjoys all aspects of summer camp. He tests his blood glucose levels frequently (10+ times per day) to maintain his activity level and keep good control. He determines his insulin bolus requirements via carb counting while always factoring in his activity levels.

Ideal Candidate:
The ideal candidate must be at least 19 years old, hardworking, patient and extremely responsible with good organization and communication skills. The person must enjoy working with kids and have a desire to work at a summer camp. The person must have knowledge of diabetes and how to manage it. A candidate that already wears an insulin pump would be ideal.

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To Learn More or Apply:
If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, you can e-mail a note (or your resume) to us.