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    Question Prices

    I want you all to come here and inform me about the prices of Insulin such as Lantus and your country.
    How much does each pen of Lantus and Novorapid... cost there?(Dollar)
    Is there any Insurance or organization to pay
    how do you afford Insulin pumps ??

    thanks in advance
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    My insulin pump was covered 100% by insurance (thank God), every thing else I am charged a fee per script, I'm not sure what it is though... (I'm only 16)

    ps. I think you mean "I was wondering" I require is a very demanding term...
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    Red face

    thank you pianoplayer4
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    For Novo Rapid I pay $59.22 (vial)
    For Regular/Toronto I pay $44.14(penfill)

    I get 80% back for most meds(not all) and supplies

    My Pump was only paid at 80% of $6500.00, I paid the rest out of pocket(about $2000.00)
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    If I remember right, a vial of Lantus was about $150 and a package of 5 pens was $225. A package of pens lasted us 5 months. We have prescription coverage, so we pay $50 per prescription for 3 months, regardless of how much insulin was/is used. If we chose a "non-preferred" item, then the copay is $80.

    Our insurance paid 90% of our pump and CGM and supplies.

    What are the costs and coverage in your country?
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    This is the best data I've seen on that topic:

    Anyways, I have insurance and the cost I pay and that insurance has paid for insulin has varied a lot over just the past five years.

    For my most recent group of prescription refills, insurance asked me to pay $50 per medication, no matter how much of it I asked for, as long as the doctor wrote it as a 3 month supply.These are the totals from about a month ago, January 2012.

    So for two vials (1000 units each) of Novolin R, I paid $50 and insurance paid $75.41. So I paid 2.5 cents per unit, and the total cost was 6.2705 cents per unit.
    For one box of Lantus pens (5 pens of 300 units each), I paid $50 and insurance paid $146.39. So I paid 3.333 cents per unit and the total cost was 13.09 cents per unit.

    Since this summer, the cost for Regular and NPH at the local pharmacy if you pay without insurance has gone up from about $60/ per 1000 unit vial to $75 per 1000 unit vial. Apidra is at $96 , Lantus is around $100 per vial, and Humalog and Novolog are at $119 per vial. Don't remember about Levemir, think it's about the same as Lantus.

    I switched from Novolog to Regular over the summer. Last year insurance was charging me differently for different insulins instead of per prescription. Anyways, my very first vial of Regular cost me $17.64 and insurance paid the remaining $51.34. So my cost was 1.764 cents per unit and the total cost was 6.898 cents per unit.

    As a random past sampling, here's what I paid for a 3 month supply of insulin in February 2007:
    For 2 boxes of Novolog penfils (3000 units of insulin) I paid $15 and insurance paid 242.27. So the cost to me was 0.5 cents per unit and the total cost was 8.58 cents per unit.
    For 3 vials of Lantus (3000 units of insulin) I paid $15 and insurance paid $184. So that's a cost of 0.5 cents per unit to me and 6.63333 cents per unit total.

    In June 2010:
    Two boxes of Novolog penfils (3000 units of insulin) I paid $30 and insurance paid $328.68. That's 1 cent per unit paid by me and the total cost was 11.956 cents per unit.
    One box of Lantus penfils (1500 units of insulin) I paid $30 and insurace paid $143.81. That's 2 cents per unit paid by me and the total cost was 12.92 cents per unit.

    I switched to Lantus penfils because I use a small amount of Lantus per day but had to throw away a lot while using vials because the Lantus expired after a month. I started using Regular intending to use it in addition to Novolog but quickly found that Regular works very similarly to Novolog in my body and that overall I prefer Regular. And it's cheaper too... so I switched. The one big drawback to that, as far as I'm concerned, is that Regular is not available in pens here. I have a lot of extra pen needles right now.

    If you would really like to know more about how much I pay for various diabetes supplies, send me a PM.
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    If you don't mind, My you say what type are your insurance? I mean Does your special position or Government support you/insurance ??what??
    please mention your country name too.

    (exchange rate 19100Rls for each 1$)
    Lantus each pen costs 245000 Rials-12.82$
    Novo Rapid 175000 Rls-9.16$
    Actrapid 75000 Rls-3.92$

    in Iran we have prescription coverage just for these Insulin:
    1 vial of Nph & Regular 35000 Rls-1.83$ and we pay 24500rls

    I'm not supported or sponsored with/by any insurance. so diabetics who want to pump or use Analog insulin.. must pay the prices totally themselves!!
    (coverage's for some special posts-for example my friend's dad is head of a bank so he has 80% coverage for pumping)

    (excuse me for my childish English writing)
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    I'm not sure if you're only interested in particular countries, but I'm in the UK and I pay nothing for insulin, test strips, ketone strips, pump or pump supplies (or any of my other standard prescriptions, including 10 CGM sensors every 6 months. The only thing I have to pay for is CGM sensors over and above that). In the UK, certain medical conditions (including diabetes and hypothyroidism) make you exempt from prescription charges.
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    I'm not from Australia but I've been here for 3 years, and my son was also diagnosed in 2010. He has a health care card from the government because he was diagnosed with a medical condition and is under 16. The government here has a special program for diabetic supplies (you have to be Australian citizen or permanent resident or married to same I think) and here is what we pay:

    I pay 15.20 for 100 test strips for myself and 2.40 for 100 test strips for my son.

    I pay about $35 for 5 boxes of 5 cartridges of Novorapid (also would be same cost for most insulins here I think). My son's insulin is $5.60 for the same amount.

    All needles are free but we don't use them as we're both on pumps.

    We pay $15 each for 10 cannula sets for pump and $10 each for 10 reservoirs.

    Our pumps were $8000 each, but covered under insurance, but had to pay 'admission' for hospital as have to be admitted to get it covered = $500.
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    Thank you all for reply


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