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Thread: Forced Formulary Changes

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    Ben is covered under the Children Health Insurance Program of Texas. We have options of plan carriers to choose from.

    In December the health care plan Ben is on forced all diabetes patients to switch to TRUEresults meters. Only 100 test strips a month of the approved test strips.
    NO consumer choice in meters. We switched to give it a try and HATE the new meter. Either you use their meter and strips or pay 100% out of pocket.
    Fortunately I found a 'loophole' and am able to switch health plans to one that still allows patient choice. (for now)

    We have heard of people being denied insulin pens. only allowed vials because pens are only for convenience.
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    We have to pay more for our supplies and have had to switch test strips because our preferred brand is now top tier. Of course that's all on top of higher premiums too.
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  3. Default Express Scripts

    Was Medco, now Express Scripts

    They are now saying Humalog only and One Touch only.

    I am allergic to Humalog, and have terrible itching when pumping on it, also horrible blood sugars on it.

    Really scared, as I've talked to a pharmacist and they don't have an answer except I have to pay for my insulin out of pocket.

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    We had to switch to Bayer products for testing, when we had been using (and very happy with) Accu-chek.
    Co-pay for pharmacy supplies quintupled from $5 to $25. $25 still isn't a whole lot to cover three vials of insulin, compared to paying out of pocket price, but it is a HUGE jump from $5!

    I certainly can't complain, though, as our DME is covered 100%.
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    We have seen an increase in premiums, deductibles and co-pays. We used to get 100% DME coverage but now have a huge deductible, even the annual labs we did last month now have a co-pay. And all that even after the premium went up
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