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Thread: MODY and Miscarriages

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    I found the info extremely helpful when awaiting news of whether or not I had a form of monogenic diabetes, and which form my son had. I had my theories for what type his was (based on some other factors), and thought he had a form of MODY, but we both had PND. Regardless, there isn't much information online that I could find, and there is an appendix at the end of this article which lists some of the common forms of monogenic diabetes - of which MODY would be a type. I guess one of the reasons I thought my son had a form of MODY was because the form of PND we have isn't included in the appendix.
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    Son, diagnosed monogenic August 10, 2010, R89C mutation of INS gene (Permanent Neonatal Diabetes)
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    Quote Originally Posted by JaxDad View Post
    So sorry for your losses. My wife and I suffered through 8, so unfortunately I know how you are suffering.

    In our case it turned out to be a condition where her blood would be just slightly too thick that not enough would make it through the cord to nourish the baby.

    I'm sorry but I forget exactly the name of the condition, I think it had to do with "S proteins". I also believe that they doctors said it was correlated to people with autoimmune disorder family histories. Heparin ended up being the solution.

    I have no idea but every hope that this will help. Prayers.
    I am truly sorry.
    Leiden Factor V can be confirmed with a blood test. ( I think)

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    My Factor V leiden was found with a blood test after a DVT and PE. I know there are lots of different clotting factors. I'm now on daily shots of blood thinners just durring my pregnancy. My kids were glad that I had to have shots too! Me not so much.

    Christine, I would love to join the facebook group. What is it? One reason I just read and dont post is there doesn't seem to be to many MODY people.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MomofSweetOne View Post
    I assume they've done the test for the autoimmune disease that causes clotting in the placenta and fetal death? (I can't remember the name of it.) I know they typically don't test until a woman has had multiple miscarriages, but I've already told my daughter that if she miscarries even once, to insist the test be done since she already have 2 autoimmune diseases.
    Antiphospholipid antibodies or lupus anticoagulant? I would assume that the OP has been tested as part of her infertility work up too.

    I do think the concept of homozygous MODY is interesting. I couldn't find any literature on the topic, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2modykids View Post

    Christine, I would love to join the facebook group. What is it? One reason I just read and dont post is there doesn't seem to be to many MODY people.

    The MODY group on FB is a closed discussion group, so only members can see the threads. Some adults with MODY, some parents of MODY kids, some questioning if they or their kids have MODY. If you go on Facebook and search for MODY, we'll come up under Groups.

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    Dx MODY2, (6/11) GCK mutation with 2 additional genetic variants on the TCF-1 gene sequence.
    Being tested by Kovler/Univ. of Chicago for additional mutation, atypical MODY2 presentation.

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    Smile Miscarriages and Mody 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
    Does anyone have any information about the link/causes of MODY and Miscarriages. I recently had my eleventh miscarriage. I have one child (they are in the process of testing her for mody) I am currently typed as a type 1. However, given my unusual medical history I was told by my doctor that more thank likely, I'm a rare case of lightening strking twice. In other words a type one that also is a MODY. Apparently, its rare but not unheard of, and there are other documented cases of individuals who are both a MODY and a type 1.

    One of the reasons I am posting here. Is because, when I was originally interviewed to be included in a study on MODY. one of the things that the researcher told me was that a lot of MODY women seem to report multiple miscarriages, although she didn't have much more information other than it just seems to be something women are reporting. I have a normal A1c it runs in the 5's and has been as low as 4.8 for some of the miscarriages. So high Blood sugar is not the issue. I have also seen specialists and no one has found a medical reason for my miscarriages. However, none of them are familiar with MODY. Anyone, else have any clues or ideas on where to gather more information? I'd really love another child. And it would be great, if I could figure out if there was something I could do to prevent another miscarriage.
    Hi Lotus,

    I was searching Google for any Mody 2 forums because I want to find other pregnant Mody 2 women on insulin. I happened to catch your post in google results and because there are so few of us (know cases and little research) I felt I should reply because I have had 3 miscarriages over a space of 9 years. Inbetween I just did not get pregnant despite not using protection. I have had all the tests and they found no explanation for my infertility, so perhaps it is Mody 2 related.

    Did you take part in the research at Exeter University with Dr. Hattersley? (I did a few years ago after my last miscarriage).

    Currently I am pregnant, but I resorted to using a donor egg in the end also as I am not in my early 40s and IVF using my own eggs had a very, very slim chance of working. I am 12 weeks pregnant and all seems to be going well. I started insulin a week ago but I feel shaky and odd already as I get to 4.9 or 4.8 and have had a couple of 3.8 that I felt terrible during....midwife and doc says that I need to be just more stoic because those are normal readings and what is good for the baby...... I can't seem to find any answers anywhere as to whether this is right nor not. I have a 17 year old girl and with her I was also on insulin and it was MY egg that time so I suspect she has MODY 2 also, BUT I only had one bloodsugar low during all that time on I live in a different country and they say they haven't had another MODY 2 pregnant patient but that I need no different treatment than any other pregnant diabetic...

    However, I wonder if us MODY2's don't get hypo on higher numbers than others and therefore feel odd already at 4.9 and below. Still they tell me I have to put up as my baby will not have MODY 2 as it is a donor egg and that my readings 'are ideal'.... Anyway, can't find anyone else on internet with these issues...

    But, I saw yours and wanted to just say "maybe there is a connection, nobody has been able to tell me, but I had 3 miscarriages in a row"....

    Good luck to you!


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    Default MODY 2 and pregnancy

    Hi, I have MODY 2 as do three of my kids. I am also a nurse working on my Nurse Practitioner degree.

    Is it possible that the father of the baby also carries a MODY mutation? I have read that inheriting two copies of the gene can be lethal for the infant. Also, if the infant has MODY (even just one copy of the gene) tight maternal glycemic control can lead to growth restriction of the fetus.

    So, if there is a possibility that you have passed your copy to the baby you may ask your doctor if your numbers should be a little higher. Better yet, ask a young endocrinologist or ask your ob/gyn to confer with a young endocrinologist. The younger the endo. the more likely they are to be current with this form of diabetes and how to treat it.

    Good luck


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