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    Cool friends of diabetics

    hi i'm Abbie. i got diagnosed with diabetes a month ago, and i just found this site today- it is AWESOME! i was wondering: for those of you who are friends of diabetics, how did you feel when they were diagnosed? and how did you learn to deal with it? i was just thinkin about it because i think my friend is having a hard time dealing with me being diabetic, so i wanted to see how others dealt with it

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    Hi there! I'm really glad your found these forums. I'm sorry you have to be here, though.

    Our daughter had some issues with her closest friend. It was a big adjustment and it took a toll on the friendship for a while. On the other hand, another good friend became even closer after diagnosis and that was really nice for her. Hope things get better and better for you!
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    My daughter has stayed friends with her non-D friends, but her Type 1 friends are the ones who truly hear her high and low emotions...because they get it. The others care, but they aren't living it.

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    When I was diagnosed, I was the only type 1 child in my town. It was that way until I was in high school, so I didn't know any other type 1 kids. My best friend didn't look at me as a diabetic, I was me. But then she only knew me as a diabetic. She knew I had diabetes and knew if I acted "goofy" or "funny" to give me candy and if necessary call my parents.
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