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Thread: meter that uses regular Freestyle test strips?

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    Default meter that uses regular Freestyle test strips?

    As much as we love the Omnipod, Jayden has started to have some serious skin reactions to the adhesive on the pod, especially during soccer season. The last few pods we've removed have had bloody blisters underneath them...not a good thing! So she's back to using the MM during soccer. I think she's sweating underneath the pod, and that plus the adhesive is causing her to blister. We have problems with all kinds of adhesive, but this one has gotten really bad.

    So...I have a lot of Freestyle test strips. I don't want to change the prescription because I think we'll be back to using the pod in a few weeks. But I don't have a meter that uses the regular Freestyle strips. I have the Freestyle Lite meter that Omnipod sent with the PDM, but I know it needs the Lite strips.

    Is there still a meter out there that uses the regular Freestyle strips? I seem to remember something about the Freestyle Flash, but Walgreen's, at least online, doesn't sell that one anymore. I know we could still use the PDM as just a meter, but I would feel better about putting that away until we're using the whole system again.

    Does anyone know...if I have a script for the Freestyle strips, would they fill it with the Lite strips if I asked?

    Thanks in advance!
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    You can't buy a meter that uses the same strips as the omnipod. I sent an email to Abbot saying where do I get one? They said you can't but sent me a free one. I wanted to have one as a backup in case we had a problem.

    I'd send them an email/call and see if they can help you.
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    I think the Freestyle Freedom replaced the Flash.

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    I did a quick Google check and found this company has them in stock.

    I had purchased a few off of Amazon last year but didn't see any when I just tried searching now.
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    Daniel uses his PDM for his meter even when taking shots and not wearing the pods. It actually is great because he can still use it carb amounts - just enter the # of carbs like aways but instead of bolusing give that amount with an injection..

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    Curious, do you make the PDM account for IOB when you aren't bolusing with a Pod. I'm hoping we don't have to go back to shots, but if we do...

    Abbott is going to send me a Freedom meter :-).
    Jennifer D in NC
    Mom to Jayden, 16, dx 12/28/07 T1D,
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    I'm almost positive that I have an old Freestyle Flash if you're interested.
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    you need a regular freestyle flash meter. I happen to have 2 of them in the closet. email me at with your info and I'll send them to you.

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    Just call Abbott and they'll send out a new meter that will work with the Freestyle strips. I tried finding a meter in every drug store in my town without any luck and then called Abbott and they shipped one out very quickly. It's quite small to, which is nice.
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    I have one of those freestyle meters here, but do use it as a backup,esp now since I am out of one touch strips. If I can find another around here, I will send you one. Will also check with my dd to see if she has any of them yet. I know she did at one time, but don't know about currently.
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