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Thread: Diabetes Myths

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lenoremm View Post
    The message therapist told us "diabetes can be completely reversed by redirecting his life energy to his core".
    LOL, can this person tell how to redirect my 3 year olds energy
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    I remember in a class I took in college about the representation of disability in literature, we skimmed a book that was popular in the 60's featuring lots of "new age" hippie ideas on how to cure illnesses. The book stated that all sickness begins in the mind and with a person's character, so that if you fix how you react/ treat the world, your illness will go away.

    On a whim, I turned to see what it said about Diabetes:

    " Not sweet enough. Must become sweeter and kinder."

    Thought it was good for a laugh.

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    Also, because it actually relates to this surprisingly well, check out this article by Riva Greenberg on some of the myths DIABETICS THEMSELVES believe.

    Quite shocking, actually.

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