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Thread: Insulin from mail-order pharmacy ?

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    Default Insulin from mail-order pharmacy ?

    Has anyone ordered their insulin from a mail-order pharmacy?

    I just did for the first time, and it arrived today in the regular mail, in a regular box, wrapped only in bubble wrap, with a sticker on the outside of the box saying that it was perishable and to keep it from extreme temperatures. I just ordered it yesterday, so didn't expect it so soon (today) and it sat and cooked in the hot mail box for who knows how long, since I didn't know it was there!

    This is 3 months worth of insulin (3 vials). The bubble wrap the boxes of Lantus were wrapped in were warm to the touch. I didn't unwrap them to check the temp inside...just put them in the fridge to cool them as much as possible.

    Is this how everyone's arrives, and is it okay that it hasn't been refrigerated the entire time before being openned? Why wouldn't the pharmacy state that it needs to be refrigerated at all times? Or not offer it through mail-order if they are not going to do it right?

    Any thoughts?
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    When we did mail order, they always came with an ice pack. I'd call and complain. Not acceptable!
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    We do, and it always comes packaged carefully with a cold pack. I agree that it's unacceptable to send insulin any other way.
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    I would call and tell them that you will not accept the insulin since it was not packed on ice as it should have been. We always get our insulin and d supplies by mail order and it gets shipped next day UPS inside a big envelope with the biggest ice pack Ive ever seen. The insulin may be fine that sat in the mailbox for a few hours but then again it may not be. They should have to take it back and be intelligent about shipping it next time.
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    Our is always packed with ice as well. I would call and complain because they did not handle it properly.
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    Mine come with polar packs, and they always come express, so I get the insulin a few days before the needles and test strips.
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    Yip, ours comes in an ice box, I would complain..not cool (literally)
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    Ours always come in thick styrofoam coolers with lots of ice packs - the insulin and the strips, too. Definitely call and complain. They should send you a new supply - I wouldn't trust that insulin now.
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    Thank you so much for the replies...I hate conflict, so they gave me confidence that I was fighting for what was truly right!


    I tried calling them, but, of course, it's the weekend, and the mail-order pharmacy is only open something like 8am-5pm, M-F. Since it is Kaiser, I knew that one of the pharmacies near us would be last night we took our box of supplies there to see what we could do about getting them replaced.

    Well...they DID replace the Lantus, for which I was grateful...but not without exaggerating the point, very sternly, that this was an absolutely unnecessary replacement. The insulin was fine. She would use it for her child...this is the way insulin is always shipped through them and they don't ship on days when the temperature outside is 90 or above. For this short period of time, it doesn't need to be refrigerated...etc, etc. I said I would call the company to double check that, and told them that I was part of this forum and that the other parents were reporting that the other pharmacies send theirs with ice packs...and they said how unnecessary that was. They even wanted to know what time I checked the mail, and checked the recorded temperature for that time of day and since we had established that the insulin was fine, did I still want a replacement? Absolutely, I said. And then she said I would no longer be able to use the mail-order pharmacy. I told her that was fine, live and learn, this was my first time to order the insulin through the mail-order, and now that I know their policy, I will be happy to go back to picking it up myself!

    The strips (also 3 months worth), they said were fine in any temperature and for any length of time. I asked why they would state a maximum temperature on the box for storage of the strips, then? She just stated, in no uncertain terms, that the strips were fine and they would not be replacing those. (I didn't feel I could really fight it on the strips, since I don't know what the temp was in the mailbox. All I know is that it felt mighty warm in the box, and my mom (who checked our mail yesterday) said that the heat came pouring out when she opened the mailbox.)

    All of this, on top of the fact that they give me a lot of grief every time I refill DD's strips because I am not limiting bg checks to an absolute MAXimum of 5 times a day. (Although, they didn't bring that up at this particular visit...but they did give me grief on the phone when I ordered the strips.)

    And then, in the end, they made us take the old insulin with us to dispose of it at home, and suggested that I could use it anyway to save some money since it really was fine!!!! I was so mad, I had to leave before I set a really bad example for my children!

    So, anyway, that's the deal...*deep breath...sigh*...okay...rant over...the end.
    ~Anna, non-d

    DD, 8 (going on 15, attitude-wise ), dx 4/27/10, MDI
    DD, 4, non-d
    DH, non-d

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    Good grief, where did you order from? The roblem with the insulin is not that it is now necessarily bad. The problem is that insulin lasts at room temp for 30 days after it is either opened OR brought to room temp. So one month would be fine, but since you ordered 3 months, the other 2 months will not last. Plus it is just unprofessional to mail insulin without cold packs. they should come over night and properly cooled--plain and simple. Medco, Caremark, etc all mail this way. Your kid is using a small fortune in supplies. If they don't want your busines, fine. Take it elsewhere.

    actually, call your insurance and see if they have a mail order place--you can get 3 months for a low co-pay.


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