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Thread: sugar vs. splenda

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joretta View Post
    What soda has stevia?

    Personally, I do not like it. It has a strong after taste but I have heard of others who enjoy it.
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    I prefer actual sugar to substitutes. I bake with raw sugar and use stevia drops in tea. Never use Splenda...and try to avoid it in prepped foods but it sneaks in sometimes.
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    I use organic sugar i just like the way it tastes in coffee I also have regular sugar and splenda but when I tried it in my coffee I couldn't believe that it foamed I thought this cant be good for my baby!
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    I consider real sugar to be healthier than artificial sweeteners. I don't have a lot of food or drink which is pure sugar, but if it's baked into something, I always use real sugar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3kidlets View Post

    Personally, I do not like it. It has a strong after taste but I have heard of others who enjoy it.

    I find it very sweet, but no after taste, I prefer the Cherry, orange, lime and grape. My husband drinks all the flavours
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    Splenda give us all severe digestive issues we've found. Similar to problems caused by sugar alcohols. I prefer stevia is using an artificial sweetener but usually use good ol' sugar, just less of it.
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    We always use sugar or agave here. We could never get used to Splenda and found that we preferred to just learn to live with less sugar. In fact, we now use only about 2/3 or 3/4 the amount of sugar in recipes that we used to make pre-D.

    The only time we use artificial sweeteners is with drinks like Jones Zero or Steaz. My daughter has one as a treat about once or twice a month. She gets a treat without it adding to her carb count, plus they taste great.
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    We use maple syrup, honey or stevia. We avoid chemical sweeteners. I think they make splenda out of actual sugar but take out something to put chlorine atoms in it.


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