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Thread: current Omnipod cost?

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    Default current Omnipod cost?

    Does anyone know what the current prices (start-up & monthly supplies) are for the Omnipod? Our insurance does not cover it at all, so I would like to see if it's something we could afford to pay on our own. Their website does not give pricing have to give them all of your personal + insurance info, and they will talk to your insurance company and get back to you. But I don't really want them to have my personal/insurance info until I am ready to do business with them. The pricing info I have found in here seems to be from a while ago, so I am a little concerned that it might be out of date. I have seen/heard wildly different costs for start-up and supplies.

    Does anyone have current info?


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    We had to replace a PDM and the cost was $500 plus shipping. Looking at our last statement the cost for Pods is $276.30 for a box of 10. We change pods every 3 days - occasionally sooner for various errors etc.
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    So, if you don't mind my asking, is that what you pay with insurance coverage, or without?

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    That's the cost on the invoice pre-insurance. Our insurance pays 90% so my cost is $27.60/box.
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    If your insurance does not cover any of the supplies, Omnipod might have a program to help people out. I would check with the company, it never hurts to ask.

    Good Luck

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    Call Insulet and ask them how they can work with your insurance company to make the Omnipod more affordable for you. Without insurance coverage, supplies can be prohibitively expensive. They are usually covered under DME.

    KatieSue, we have insured our PDM (and CGM) with State Farm insurance. If it is lost or stolen, the insurance company will replace it with no deductible. I'm paying about $46 per year for the PDM and about the same I think for the Dexcom stuff. It's worth calling your homeowners insurance company to see if they will insure medical devices. It's peace-of-mind for me since I do not need to worry about loss. Obviously if the devices fail, Insulet/Dexcom would replace it anyway but not for loss.
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    We just bought an omnipod.. we did the 'cut the cord' so the PDM was $199, the pods themselves are about $450 for a box of 10 (about a months worth) lucky for us our insurance will cover one set or the other.. either the pods or the regular pump sets, so we switch back n forth.
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