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Thread: Change lancet every single time?

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    Default Change lancet every single time?

    Saw another post about lancer/lancet and people seemed to be talking about NOT changing the needle each time they checked level...? (Didn't want to hijack the thread, so posting this one)

    I have been using a new needle every time son checks. But, do I not need to do that?

    Do you guys use just one needle a day, or change twice a day or...?

    Thanks in advance for your guidance

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    I guess you're SUPPOSED to.. I dunno. Everyone does things a little different..
    But we use. Multiclix..or click, whatever. We use the same needle before turning maybe 3-4 times.
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    The joke on the board is we change the lancet when we change the clocks for DST/STD time. . But, really it's daily-ish as we remember. Sometimes it's every couple of days
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    I would hazzard weekly here...

    do what you feel comfortable at.
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    Wow, I never in a million years would have thought of reusing a needle. We go through 5-6 of 'em a to even be able to cut that in half would be such a great savings on the cost alone.

    This forum so rockssss - I have learned more practical, useful information here than from the hospital, endo and diabetic educator combined!

    Thank you to every single person that posts and/or responds on this forum - you guys are making this so much easier than just forrest gumping my way through our new D life since ds' dx.

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    This may be a duplicate. Years ago when I used syringes I used those for lancets. They were much sharper than the lancets at that time. I use a Multiclix most of the time as I find it easy to use and easy to dispose. Most use their lancet until a few stabs do not easily draw blood. They change not due to cost as much as just convenience and not having to deal with extra waste and time spent on changing things. Ali

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    See these polls:

    I think there are advantages to reuse and to always single use, but I think that if I used a device other than the Multiclix I'd probably not change the lancet. The multiclix is the only lancing device I've tried where taking the lancets out doesn't involve a big risk of sticking myself.
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    I'm bad I guess... I use the same lancet over and over until either it just bounces off my skin and doesn't pierce it, or until when I poke my finger, it gets stuck in there because it's gotten so dull it's at the point of hooked over and the lancet device hangs there still attached...
    I do make sure to AT LEAST change it as it goes, when you change the smoke detector batteries, change the lancet...

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    I tend to drop my lancer a lot and usually the cap falls off and I have to change it. Which is AT LEAST once a month, sometimes more often.

    ETA: I also change it at New Year's too, new year, new lancet.
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    we use the multiclix and we change it every time...why use a dull lancer? We are lucky the insurance covers enough..I just feel like their little fingers are traumatized enough..
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