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Thread: Contact Detach -need suggestions for best site for a five-year-old

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    Default Contact Detach -need suggestions for best site for a five-year-old

    We are finally starting on the pump (animas ping). Tomorrow is the saline trial start. This weekend, my husband and I both tried the contact detach to see how the set feels. He did a stomach site and I tried it on my tush. Well, he was fine (but surely has more "real estate " than our five-year-old) but I felt very uncomfortable. So I was wondering what the best sites are for the contact detach. They (Nurse educator...) say, the tush is best for little ones but I want to make sure to find a better spot for my little one than I did... Any suggestions?

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    Kids bodies change and differ, so this may not apply to yours , but we can't really use much of anything but the fatty front of her thighs right now. We used to be able to use the upper toosh, but there's not enough fat there now, I guess, because they don't work anymore. She also seems to knock it about more on her backside. You have to watch out when you pull pants down, though, on the thigh, we cover with IV prep and use caution! We use the back of her arm for her CGMS, but I wouldn't recommend that for first pump sites, seems a little complicated stringing tubing.

    We like the detach a lot, it really works well for us, nothing else does.

    Have fun, best luck to you!

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    We used the Medtronic version of the same set, and put them on his stomach. We found that it got bumped around too much on his bottom. Aside from that, you can put them anywhere that you would have given a shot - the needle is actually smaller than the standard "short" syringe.
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    We use them on bottom and belly! she use to only do her bottom and wouldnt do a site anywhere else but once she used her belly it is now her fav place... On her bottom I always made sure it was high enough that it would not be bummped when she sat down.. Good luck!
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    My daughter is 6yrs old and a string bean. She is on the Animas Ping and uses and inset 30. We use her bottom just below the pant line. It is where she has more of an inch to pinch. But we have also used her side right where the love handles should be we can pinch just enough and have recenetly tried her upper thigh, which she does not like because it is mainly muscle, but her bottom always seems to work the best. It is not low to where she sits on it in class, but just below the pant line on the upper part. At first she had to be reminded to pull her pants out just a little in the back when she went to the bathroom and changed her clothes but now it is second nature.!!

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    I would try the back of the arms. That's Max's favorite spot which tells me it's the most comfortable. Belly sites can be tough if there isn't enough pudge. We have never done one in almost 5 years. Other than that, we find the bum to work great as well. Good luck
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    we just went on our saline trial this past week and we have done both sites on his tush...
    what inset did you get? they recommended us the inset 30... its a little bigger (the needle) but they say it works better for thin kids.. they also told us it is harder for them to move it out of place or something. idk yet, but we'll see
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    Ava likes the back of her arms. Put the set in, then have her cross her arms tight so there is enough give where you stick the connector.

    Or Andee, don't you loop it or something?

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    Thank you all for the suggestions-I will try the belly because she also likes shots in the belly best.

    When I tried the contact detach on my bottom, I placed it relatively high so I would not sit on it. But it must have hit a nerve/muscle anyway because it slowly became uncomfortable (not very painful but more like uncomfortable pressure) and I gave up after 6 hours. So I was wondering if there is a "magic" spot on the bottom that she could not feel sitting down, bending over etc.

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    We used to use Contact-Detach (now on Sure-Ts, which is basically the same thing) and we've always used the butt without problems.
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