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Thread: With heaviest of heart - the passing of Eilish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lize View Post
    May I ask what happened? This is just so unbelievably sad! I thought our kids can't die from this diseaseif we take good care of them - testing regular, giving healthy foods etc. ??? Am I still after 7 months missing something?
    The Dead in Bed Syndrome

    Unspeakably sad.
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    I am so sorry for your loss!
    Allene- mom to 2 great children
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    Arthur- born 12/07/2004 Non D
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    I am so sorry. Sending up many prayers to this family in thier most tragic hours. May God give them the strength they need at this time.
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    I am so terribly sorry!!!!!

    Daughter Alli-13, Dx'd Type 1 June 12, 2006 at 8 years old. Dx'd Celiac August 13, 2008 at 10 years old
    Pumping (Animas 20/20) 03/24/2008
    Dexcom SeVen Plus on March 30, 2009

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    I'm so sorry for your loss. Your family will be in my prayers.

    Mom to Matt, 19, dx'd 3/23/08, pumping with MM722 12/16/08, CMGS 11/23/10
    Connor, 14, non-D
    Married to Bill for 22 years!
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    I'm sorry for you loss. Your family is in my prayers.

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    I am speechless.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to Mel and her family.

    Thank you Ellen for letting us know.

    Damn this disease.

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    My thoughts and prayers are with them during this time. I am so sorry for your loss.

    ~Mom of 3~
    Derek, 12, T1 dx'd 1/12/11...Animas Ping as of 11/22/11
    Logan, 8, T1 dx'd 9/28/10...Animas Ping as of 8/23/11
    Paige, 4, non-D

    Found out both boys are actually MODY 2.

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    So sad.. my thoughts and prayers are with the family.

    Amy~ mom to
    Kayla~19 T1 dx 4/24/10 pumping with purple revel 12/22/10 Switched to Tslim 1/2015
    Noah~16 T1 dx 1/31/11
    and Nick~11, primary immune def (CVID) receives IVIG, asthma

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    Mel, Charlie, Ella: I cannot express the sorrow that rocks me, let alone to know what you are feeling... You have been such good friends to me, and I only wish I could be with you to do what I could to help ease your pain. I pray for you all, for peace and comfort.

    Iana~T1 dxd 6-91 pumping with new clear MM722, mom to
    10yo Grace~T1 dxd 12.3.05, pumping MM 522
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    7yo Mercy~A1c 5.6, No Antibodies at testing 07.16.08

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    My step-kids, both non-D:
    10yo Alexander
    5yo Hannah

    My last A1c~8.9% on 10.18.10 this WILL get better!

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