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Thread: How long of a recess is normal?

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    Default How long of a recess is normal?

    I have been shocked by how little time the kids get for recess. Since Charlie started K this year I have been looking closely at schedules. Kindergarteners only get 2 ten minute recesses and grades 1-5 only get 1 fifteen minute recess. Is that normal now? It just seems crazy. It this how they are doing it now?
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    Sounds like what Cass has always had. Except the second recess in Kindergarten. She only had one recess in Kinder.
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    kids do get a lot less recess time. I remember when i was in K-2nd i got 3 recesses. 2 15 minute recess and 1 30 minute recess. Grades 3-4 I got 1 30 minute recess and 1 15 minute recess. Grades 5-6 i got 1 30 minute recess. Now my kids have always just gotten 1 30 minute recess for K-4. They don't do recess for 5th or 6th grade at our school any more.
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    Our elementary kids get 20 minutes per day.
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    They get 1 20 min recess, and are also allowed to go out after they have finished lunch. That is usually about 10 min max.

    If you get to school early in the am, they are allowed up to 15 min prior to school start.

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    I am always shocked to hear how little break time kids in the US get at school. It is usual for schools here (both primary and secondary) to have about 20 minutes for recess in the morning then 45 minutes for lunch.
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    K-2nd grade gets two recesses, one is about 15m, the other is after lunch and probably closer to 20m but it really depends on how long it took them to eat. 3rd and 4th grade gets one recess, 20m after lunch.
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    Well, I guess I'm glad that our school is normal. I just remember how much having a recess in the morning, after lunch, and in the afternoon helped me recharge in elementary. I guess this school moves kids around enough so they stay mentally stimulated. They have different teachers for science, art, pe, etc. so they get a change of scenery.
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    Our Ks only go 1/2 day and they get 10 minutes if they're lucky. Sometimes it just a couple of minutes because the teachers have so much they are now required to cover in a day.

    Olders get maybe 15-20 minutes once a day.
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    Our kids get one 20 (25?) minute recess either before or after lunch. In Illinois they do have PE every day, so that's another 25 minutes they get to run around, however.

    When I was in the lower grades, I believe we had a 15 minute recess in the morning, one in the afternoon, and 30 minutes at lunch, so it has definitely decreased.
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