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Thread: Pregnancy not recommended?

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    I realize this is going to be a unpopular question, but why would you want to have kids and risk them having Type I?
    Why create yet another generation with the disease or potential for the disease?
    This never made sense to me.
    I have 2 children ages 28 and 26, neither of them are a type 1. As a matter-of-fact my youngest is hypoglycemic.

    I wasn't trying to get pregnant and I did. I had to go to a woman's hospital at a near by university because the hospital in my town refused to deliver any diabetic babies. For me that was probably one of the hardest things, after the first trimester driving every week 75 miles round trip.

    When I was carrying both my children, I did have a few more insulin reactions (hypos). They put me in the hospital to "get under better control". My blood sugars went crazy while I was in the hospital both times so I was let out quickly. I had all day sickness so that was a BIG problem. They also had me do a baby movement count every day. I had to count the movements of each baby every day for 15 minutes. The problem with this is they didn't tell me I could stop after I reached 100. So I'd have numbers of 500 and up to 800! Bot of my children were taken early and via c-section. But then that is how it was done 28 years ago. The c-sections were necessary. Even if I wasn't a diabetic I couldn't have delivered a baby.

    I'm discovering that menopause is much harder on me than the pregnancies ever were.

    But I'd look for another doctor. There's no reason why a diabetic woman cannot have a baby.
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    I've never been pregnant, but certainly didn't have a problem with menopause, breezed through it~
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  3. Thumbs up Pregnancy

    I have had diabetes for about 22 years. I am 23 now and I had my 1st child when I was 21. I can tell you from personal experience that my pregnancy was fine. The O/B that I went to was amazed that it was going so well because of my diabetes but he was glad to see that it was going so well. During my pregnancy my sugars were better than they had ever been. I think that you should take what your doctor says into consideration but YOU SHOULD DO WHAT MAKES YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND HAPPY. You know what you have been through and you know what your body can with stand.


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