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    Can you post your favorite smoothies recipes, please? The ones you give your kids usually for breakfast, especially.

    I need ideas.

    Yeah, I could google, but...

    Thank you!
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    Silken tofu
    Over ripe bananas
    Berries (frozen works well too)
    Milk/Soy milk/almond milk
    We also add a couple spoons of sugar

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    I just take frozen fruit .. strawberries ... banana (the banana is not always frozen) add a little milk , soy milk, almond milk ... or low fat yogurt and blend. I actually just ordered a magic bullet to make it even easier!


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    Quote Originally Posted by StillMamamia View Post
    Can you post your favorite smoothies recipes, please? The ones you give your kids usually for breakfast, especially.

    I need ideas.

    Yeah, I could google, but...

    Thank you!
    We're big smoothie makers here, and I try to sneak in healthy stuff like flax and spinach, sometimes they go for it, often not!

    We do a combo of frozen fruits, milk, yogurt. Pretty typical, nothing snazzy. BUT, I found some recipes I have been trying lately and really enjoying them as they are ready when you wake up, make them the night before. The texture needs some tweaking, I think my blender isn't strong enough or something, I like them but the kids think they are too lumpy. They are pretty power packed with the oats though, which is why I like them. My favorite so far is the PB applesauce one, I added a spoonful of cocoa too.

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    We use plain Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, strawberries, a banana, orange juice, handful of baby spinach, ground flax seed, protein powder. Sometimes I use "monster juice" from is made with a bunch of green veggies and fruit. We LOVE our magic bullet!!!
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    The magic bullet is loved around here!

    For smoothies I try to make it easy:

    1 tube of gogurt or half a container of fruit yogurt.

    Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, (you get the picture) or banana

    Ice ( we like them thick)

    Vanilla light soy milk ( it's lower in carbs than regular milk and doesn't cause him to spike like regular milk).

    Sometimes we a spoonful of sugar or a little splenda (yes we use splenda and I'm ok with it)

    We like to blend peach yogurt with blueberries or blueberry yogurt with bananas or vanilla yogurt with strawberries. Connor love the cotton candy gogurt with strawberries.

    Now I want a smoothie!

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    I usually just put whatever fruit I have in - usually not banana because I don't like it that much. I just do natural (Greek) yoghurt and fruit - my favourite smoothie fruits are berries - especially raspberries, strawberries and blueberries - and I love to use kiwi fruit (yum!!). Mango is good too. Basically all my favourite fruits. But recently I've been making fruit salad more than smoothie - I love that as well.
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    1 cup skim milk
    1 tbsp FFSF pudding mix
    1 tbsp Sugar Free sweetener
    dash of nutmeg
    then add 1 cup frozen fruit

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    My Favorite Smoothies-- they were actually mentioned on the today show

    1/2 cup of aany kind of fruit (my favorite is strawberries)
    1/4 cup of skim milk
    1 6oz of yogurt (I uses low fat yoplait)

    I put it in a "magic bullet" its not the brand name, I got it for my birthday at JCPenny for $40? Great investment. Lol

    They are about 30-34 carbs.
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    1 c. chocolate soymilk
    1 scoop whey protein powder
    1 frozen banana
    1+ Tbsp peanut butter

    Not your low calorie smoothie - intended for a growing 11 year old boy!!

    Carson has one every day. I did check with the endo to make sure the protein powder is okay and since we are mostly vegetarian, he encouraged using the protein.
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