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Thread: How discrete are you giving shots/tesing in public?

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    Default How discrete are you giving shots/tesing in public?

    Brandi rarely tries to HIDE it when she gives her shots or tests in public places, but both of us have noticed people looking at us like I'm letting her do drugs at the dinner table or something.

    Only a couple times has she gone to the ladies room to do it.

    So do you hide it or just do it?
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    Follow her lead and just do it. Ignore the gawkers. Danielle is younger and can be shy at times, so she will want me to be as discreet as I can in public, but we almost always just do it right at the table.
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    I never tried to hide it but I also never made a big deal of it. I try to respect others around me when giving my son a shot. Not too flamboyant about it but just discreet enough to get the job done. I have never taken my son to the bathroom for a shot but we do teach him about being descreet whenever possible. Sometimes it works, other times it does not. People are going to stare at times, I just try to ignore it.
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    not very. Lil really does not have a care if other people see or watch and if she does feel odd then she just turns herself from someone watching.
    Mostly she uses these times to instruct people anyway about Type 1 and lately how it differs from Type 2.
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    I agree, follow her lead and if she's comfortable in public, that's fantastic! What I tried to instill in Cameron from the time he was first dx'd was to not be ashamed of his D. He'll whip out his meter anywhere, but is a little more discreet with taking his shot, which I completely understand.
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    It depends on where we are and who's around and her mood at that particular moment.
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    Gracie doesn't care who sees her checking her BG yet, I think we are on the cusp of that age, but with shots she gets "funny" and wants privacy, so I honor that. I don't care who gawks and stares as long as she doesn't care. If it bothers them, they can look away!!!
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    We just do it. When I was doing MDI I would get some looks when I whipped out the needle and was flicking it, etc. but I didn't care. Now with the pump it's much less noticable.

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    We do Caleb's checks and shots right at the table. I feel that my son shouldn't have to go into the restroom to do what he needs to do to stay alive, or 'hide' it because it makes some people uncomfortable. They don't have to watch. Sorry if that sounds rude, but that's the way I feel about it.
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    other people have the option of looking away, these kids don't have the option of avoiding tests and shots. So we just do it. I discovered this trick while nursing in public, if someone stares, just stare right back with a blank look. They'll usually look away.

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