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Thread: Who here plays sports?

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    Im 17 and i play gaelic football, i usually have to take a chocolate bar or nutrigrain bar before training or playing a match to keep my BS level up and sometimes need to take lucozade during if i go low
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    Hey man, I am Diabetic and pole vault in college. I was just searching online to see how many other pole vaulters are diabetic. I have jumped 16 9.5 and my coach told me to look up and see if thats a record of any kind which is why i searched. Your forum popped up. i know this is a few years late but keep up with the sports. I am a exercise physiology major and we always talk about how staying active has so many benefits for diabetics.

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    i play wheelchair rugby once a week, i find that no matter what my level is before i play i have to eat or i go low, even if my b.g is high, wierd huh?

  4. Post Basketball & Soccer

    Hey I play many sports and i am new to this so what sould I do at half time.

    A: Sould I check meself an eat a snack.
    B:Sould I just eat a snack.

    Pleaes help me out and write back choose A or B.


    Your Friend,

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    Snowball, you should check yourself first, before you do anything. If you are already below 100, you might need a snack and some juice or fast acting carb to prevent a low. If you are starting out on the higher side, it might be a better idea to eat a really protein-y snack, or wait until you have started exercising to eat a snack. If you are starting out a bit high, and are pumping, running a temporary basal is a great option.
    It's a lot of trial and error, but you'll find what's best for you! Checking first is always a good thing, though .
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    I've been following couch to 5k, I have every intention of finishing it, just started week 4. I don't plan on doing any sports for school seeing as how I am homeschooled, but rather, run a few 5k.

    5k=5 kilometers=3.1 miles.
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    I play basketball, and lift weights for about three hours every other day. I play way more than that during basketball season. I always eat a 30 carb snack and leave my pump running. The snack always contains protein to maintain a steady blood sugar.

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    i do a lot of netball and hockey, i just test before and disconnect during training/matches. i normally have to do some insulin after though


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