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Thread: How long after you found out did your kids get the pump.

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    Default How long after you found out did your kids get the pump.

    For the last week Cassidy keeps hounding me when about when can she get a pump. I am so happy for her that she is excited about getting one but its hard to tell her that the endo says 6months to a year before they would think about it for her. How long did you all have to wait?

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    We were told we would have to wait a year by our 1st endo ( reg endo). We switched to a pedo within 2 months, and she told us we could have one whenever we wanted one. We waited 6 months, but that was for my sanitity and no other reason. That is so awesome that she wants one... DS took some convincing!
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    We waited for about a year - in retrospect for no apparent good reason.

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    Endo making us wait 6 months. Ella is counting the days...

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    We were told by the nurse that my dd was ready for the pump at 4 months. The endo came in and was hesitant because it hadn't been 6 months and I asked her why 6 months is so important and she couldn't really answer to she approved it. Then it took almost 2 months anyway to get it and get trained (new pump was coming out, so a couple of the weeks were waiting for it to hit the market).
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    Our endo/cde showed us the pumps in the hospital at dx and provided us with the paperwork to order one. They didn't care which one - at the time, we had a choice of three they recommended.

    1 month after dx, we attended pump class and were pumping live with insulin.

    Sometimes the 6 month rule is because some insurances still require a waiting period but I would think you could fight that if the endo wrote a letter of medical necessity for it.
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    My DS isn't pumping after almost 2 yrs because he doesn't want too but we were told at dx that our insurance would make us wait at least 6 months.
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    Caleb was pumping in about three months. Our endo was fully supportive of starting right away. We just needed to get insurance approval and it was during a time when my husband had just started a new job. So as soon as he could, Caleb started pumping.

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    We were told we had to wait 6 months for insurance purposes (4 1/2 yrs ago). But I waited 8 or 9 months because I was scared of the possibility of site failures during the night. Then we had a really bad day on shots, so I got over that fear (mostly). I do test her at night if I think something might be going on with the site. We've had a few nighttime issues, but nothing we couldn't handle at home, thankfully.

    Good Luck!


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    Amanda dx at 13 mos....did not start pumping til age 3 and a half (3 mos ago) only because I finally switched endo's and the new endo recommended it..Old endo was not on board with a pump at all and neither was his staff...strange!!

    Good luck..
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