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Thread: How to make an elastic belt for a pump pouch???

  1. Default How to make an elastic belt for a pump pouch???

    Hi! My daughter Charlotte is 6 years old (dx'd at age 2) she's been pumping now for 3 years and has always worn purchased insulin pump pouches with the belts. I've been sewing for awhile and the thought recently occured to me to make her some pump pouches. Only I can't seem to find a tutorial on how to make the waist belt....anyone have thoughts? I guess I could take one of her current ones apart, but I was hoping not to have to do that.

    Thanks for any help!

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    I make belts for Ava all the time. Basically, you just need to go to the fabric store, buy some 1 inch elastic, and sew velcro to it. Be careful to use a thick needle, or it will break.

    I don't bother to cover it with fabric, she doesn't like the bunching. This way the belt lies flush on her and the velcro makes it adjustable. If you can find it, get velcro without glue on the back. It makes it very difficult to sew through the glue, though I have a hard time finding it.

    Oh, and when you cut the elastic band, if you have a gas stove, brush it quickly over the flame to melt the end. This will keep it from fraying.

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    Thanks Joy!
    I may try that, but I was thinking more along the lines of the fabric covered belts...she has a few that she likes a lot, but she's beginning to outgrow them now. Not sure how exactly to figure how much fabric to use compared to the elastic. I like the ones she has now cause they aren't really "bunchy" like some I've seen online. I may just have to take one apart and then play around with the measurements a bit to make it work for her.

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    If I"m making an elastic measure the elastic first and then I generally would add that length plus 1/4 so that it's not too bunch but still has enough fabric to allow the elastic to expand. So if your elastic was 24" cut your fabric to 30" or 36" for more gather.

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    I like to use the widest elastic I can find -- 2 inches sometimes.

    Then, I measure a piece that's the same length as their waist measurement plus one inch. Then I stretch the elastic as far as it will go and use that length for the "fashion fabric" cover.

    My son slips his on over his shoulders, so I don't worry about a closure.

    I take the fashion fabric (I only use knits for this) and, with right sides together, stitch along the long edge.
    I turn it right-side out and slip the elastic through that.
    Then I close the elastic into a loop, using an elastic box stitch pattern
    I hand stitch the fashion fabric ends together and call it done!

    By the way, when stitching knits, you need a machine needle that is meant for knits -- often called a ball-point needle. When stitching the elastic, you want a #14 or a "denim" needle. Wear eye protection while stitching, just in case.

    Good luck!
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    I make them a lot like Eileen.

    I measure the waist and use elastic that is almost two inches wide. I cut the fabric almost one third longer than the elastic and the width is twice the elastic width plus 3/4 inch. I sew the fabric into a long tube and string the elastic into the tube by putting a long safety pin on the end of the elastic and pulling it through the fabric tube.

    I fold the ends of the fabric in and sew them, using a zig-zag stitch so the elastic doesn't pull out. Then I zig-zag down the length of the belt, stretching the elastic as you go. This makes it so the belt and elastic stay laying nicely. Otherwise they twist and don't look great. I sew a piece velcro on the ends, making sure that the hard side of the velcro will face away from the skin. I also make the velcro about two or three inches long so it stays closed good and gives a bit of adjustment.

    I hope I was clear and you can add it to your figuring out! It is really easy.
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    Thanks so much to you all! I think I'm going to test it out this weekend! If all goes well, she'll have a new pretty little pouch with a matching belt!!!


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