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Thread: Is a "closed-loop" CGM and Pump a Cure?

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    No not a cure by any means...we all would still be living with diabetes...well said "Jus a band-aide for now". My little boy would still have diabetes.
    Kim H.
    Austintown, ohio
    mom of
    Gavin 7yrs old Type 1 (dx 10/18/2008)
    Blake & Chase 3 1/2 non-diabetic

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    Default Nope.

    Read James S. Hirsch's "Cheating Destiny: Living with Diabetes, America's Biggest Epidemic" and you'll be as convinced as I am.
    Insulin is and never will be a cure, unfortunatly. As much as in 1922 it was thought to be a cure, and to this day - some still believe - insulin is not a cure.
    What stinks is the technological and human error(s).
    That's what scares me the most when people talk about the "closed loop" system. I've been on the pump since 1998, but I haven't taken the leap to the sensor. I'm 24, not only do I not want another needle to deal with - as well as the possibility of more infection, but I don't want the hassle and the cost to deal with either.
    Trusting this stuff, is a stretch. I plan on waiting it out a good 5 years after it's release... then you know it's tested through and through and they'll be more companies out there with competing techonology.

    Until then, it's more pricking and more sticking.

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    Hello Sarah Maddie's Mom:

    Nothing short of a COMPLETE cure will ever be enough, period! They can pretend anything they wish... it is a lie. They never lie, or bend the truth about anything do they....

    No never
    Merely my opinion, I could surely be mistaken...



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