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Thread: For those using Lantus plus a pump - question

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    Default For those using Lantus plus a pump - question

    Hello to all! We are going to experiment with the untethered method. How did you decide how much Lantus to start with? What percentage of basal do you cover with Lantus, and what percentage do you use the pump for?

    Jennifer D in NC
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    When we went untethered, for the first week of pumping, anyway, it was the same dose of Lantus and we just bolused for meals, snacks, and corrections with the pump.

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    My son takes his full lantus dose at night. He keeps his pump at .025 units basal. This is so he can disconnect whenever he wants and he doesn't wear his pump when he sleeps. If he needs a correction at night he takes a shot.

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    We cover all of Ben & Lilly's basal w/ Lantus. I would check w/ your endo. to see how much since we were told to start w/ less Lantus than their total basal that they were getting through the pump. We did have to increase it, but better to start off a little low to prevent lows. Ben & Lilly only hook up to their pumps for corrections & meal/snck boluses.

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    Well, I have no experience with this, but as you know, that doesn't usually stop me from running my mouth off!

    I guess I would think about how often I use reduced temp basals, and by how much I usually reduce them. I'd want the Lantus to be low enough that I could reduce basal on the pump enough to cover those situations. I would also probably start with the assumption that 1 unit of Lantus = 1 unit of Apidra for basal and then adjust from there.

    Good luck! I'll be interested to hear how it goes!
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    Right now I'm splitting mine 55(lantus)/45(basal) because I don't do much disconnecting this time of year. During the spring/summer, I usually split it 65/35. I do more disconnecting then so I like to up the lantus.
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    Jen my best friend does this with her daughter. Shes had d for almost 8 years and has been pumping for 7 1/2 years. About 3 years ago she decided to add lantus to the regimen and has had really good results. I think she said that her basal of lantus was around 60 % and through the pump it was 40%. I will ask her about this again cause that may be wrong. For whatever reason she was having lousy luck with just pumping and couldnt get her daughters A1Cs under 7.8. Now with the lantus its been under 7 so shes real happy with it.
    Becky, Mom to Steven 12, dxd 7/04 MDI humolog and Lantus, Harry 14 non-d My 2 awesome boys

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    What we did was start 50%. We started in summer when we were swimming a lot. Now I keep doing it so that I don't have to worry about ketones, I know, over kill. We have plenty of bad sets, just want to make sure he is getting insulin all the time.

    What we did was when we use Lantus, we go on a different basal pattern. If we are out and forget lantus, we switch back to standard. By not doing all of basal with lantus, we can use temp basals, which we do frequently!
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    When I do it I go about 50/50, but I haven't done it since I've been on the CGMS. Might be interesting to see.
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    I'm kind of thinking along the 50/50 lines. I may not have to do it, but I need to do something different. We are having a terrible time with highs, and failing pump sites, and puberty. I am going to keep tweaking through the Christmas break and see if I can get things more stable with the pump, but if I can't, I'm going with Lantus.

    We almost never reduce basals...seems like we're always increasing them.
    Jennifer D in NC
    Mom to Jayden, 16, dx 12/28/07 T1D,
    Omnipod/Dexcom and Afrezza


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