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Thread: Removing Dexcom Sensor

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    Default Removing Dexcom Sensor

    Question, can anyone give me any tips on what you use to help take off a Dexcom sensor? I love that they are extremely sticky and stay on forever, but when it comes time to remove one, you can tell not only from my son crying, but you can see how painful it is, that thing does NOT want to come off easily at all. When we finally do get i off, you can see how sore the area is and extremely red. I was just wondering if anyone has found anything that helps remove it a little bit easier? I would really appreciate some help.



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    Easy smeezy!! Before a bath, soak it thoroughly with baby oil. The whole thing will fall off in the tub. Just be sure it doesn't go down the drain!

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    We use De-Solv-It, which we buy from Some Wal-Marts carry it, but ours does not. It's a solvent remover, but completely safe to use on the skin. We spray some on, and let it sit for maybe a minute, and sites literally just fall off.
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    I use "remove" by smith and nephew. I use the bottled stuff, just soak a couple of Qtips and saturate the oval dexcom dressing and in a few minutes my dd will peel it off. If I have used skin tack then it needs a second application and a little more time, but she still peels it off.
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    We use Remove and let Jacob do it himself. He can feel what is happening and he won't hurt himself.
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    I am currently trying out some Medisol (made by the De-Solv-it people, and that stuff has actually be tested and is safe for skin too.. you don't need the specific medisol product)... someone on here mentioned it and I like it a lot, it's orange oil based, not solvent based, so it's gentle on the skin... I haven't had a problemwith it so far, however I'm somewhat dubious in terms of effectiveness... it works, but not as fast as other stuff I have used.

    That said, I had a particularly bad reaction to uni-solve recently.. I am convinced that it actually caused a chemical burn in combination wtih some dissolved IV3000... my endo actually agreed that it looked like more than "just" skin irritation caused by the tape (I have a rather large semi-scabbed over area that is ONLY where the IV3000 was.. the area where the dexcom tape was is fine). I have not reacted like this to unisolve or IV300 alone before, but I had never actually used it to remove tape, just the gunky residue left behind at the edges (fingernail polish remover works remarkably well for that as well).
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    We use baby oil for dexcom and pump sites. Cheap, smells good and leaves the skin nice and smooth! It just lets the sites melt right off.

    Be aware that you'll have to really wipe down the transmitter with alcohol to get all the baby oil off though.

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    We use nothing since it looks like its been a year after 7 days and has hypafix all over it(sides and top only, not touching sensor) so it won't fall off! Darn thing does not stick good for us! For our Pods which stick like glue we use Baby Oil most times.
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    Thanks everyone - great tips!!!!


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