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Thread: Insurance Companies Covering CGMS

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    We just got approved by BCBS Colorado through Solara Medical Supplies (800-999-7516) Hector Mendoza did all the work, contacted our endo for a prescription and just called us to let us know that it was all set! We didn't have to send any logs or document any severe lows (though I think our endo mentioned lows in his letter). We decided to do it now because our daughter just met her $3000 deductible (ouch). Also, a heads up that he's going to be providing us 300 one touch blue test strips/ month at $15/month. That was a $140/year savings for us from using Express Scripts.
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    I just recently had my prescription renewed through my new insurance, United Health. They didn't ask anything(like BG logs etc), which I thought they would do since they weren't the ones who approved the Dex originally. I had already met my $500 DME deductible, so they covered it 90% for sensors.

    I went through Apria, and they did everything. Extremely nice to work with, great communication with updates etc.
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    Group Health in the State of Washington just approved Medtronic CGMS. I am an adult. It was considered out of network. Ali

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    We have Blue Care Network of Michigan (HMO) and dd was just approved. Went very easily, I didn't have to submit logs, appeal or anything.

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    Thanks for posting this info.


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