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Thread: Was Tamiflu worth it? Would you do it again???

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    Default Was Tamiflu worth it? Would you do it again???

    I'm thinking about trying to get it for Jake because of his adrenal insf.??

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    4 of us took Tamiflu with the flu and it did seem to make a big difference. I'd already developed pneumonia and Jordan was near the end of the window for being able to take it, but we both thought the Tamiflu lessoned our symptoms significantly. Jessica got on it really quickly and her flu went away 2 days later. I was really surprised how well it worked for her. We didn't seem to have any side affects. My youngest son did throw up once. But it seemed to be from the incessant coughing, rather than a side effect of Tamiflu.

    When we were at our sickest it was reassuring that we had at least taken the Tamiflu and that it was helping fight off the virus. I debated putting Jordan on it. I decided to do it because I thought about how bad I'd feel if she took a serious turn for the worse and we were beyond the window of giving it to her. How badly would I regret not giving it to her?
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    My daughter was exposed to H1N1 at camp over a month ago. She was sick and tested but I was never told the results. She was put on Tamiflu as a precaution and now she is sick again. Yesterday she was complaining of body aches and couldn't eat and by evening her temp. was 102. So I'm not sure what is going on with her. Thankfully the rest of my family has stayed healthy.


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    Kathy took it for a flu back in June and she seemed to do fine with it, no side effects at the time. But, she just mentioned the other day that when she was taking it she remembered that she was seeing things - like visions - that she didn't mention to me at the time. I know someone here posted about the possibility of hallucinations or something? After hearing this from Kathy, I might not use it again. Plus, she hated the taste of it (it was in liquid form) and I don't know if it actually did her any good anyway. She didn't take it until she was 3 days into her flu. We had issues with the pharmacy...

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    My DS took it when he got sick from being at camp. He seemed to get through the flu pretty quickly (started to feel better 24 hours later). No side effects for us. Hard to know if he would've gotten better at the same pace without it, but there was no down side for us.
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    It was like magic with my 8 year old in June. He got hit really hard with the flu. Fine the night before and lethargic and fever (102 with tylenol) the next morning. Took him in to the doc, got the tamiflu and started dosing him that day. The next morning he felt waaaaay better. Not 100%, but I would have sent him to school if I didn't know he had the flu, if you know what I mean. It definitely eased and shortened the flu for him. Campbell & I both took it as a precaution, and none of us had any major side effects. I won't think twice about getting it again if we get the flu.
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    Morgan was significantly better within 24 hours. Zoe barely had symptoms at all because we started as 24 hours after Morgan dx'd. She had 99.5 fever and headache. that's it!
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