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Thread: breakfast for 2 1/2 year old

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    Default breakfast for 2 1/2 year old

    does anyone have any suggestions for breakfast food, my son was just diagnosed and he will not eat breakfast

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    Some waffles with a little bit of butter and some lite syrup has been a favorite in our house for years. Each waffle is about 15c and 1/2 of a 1/4 c of lite syrup is 15c. Haley also drinks milk with them for another 15c.
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    my 3 year olds eat waffles, pancakes, french toast, my little boy loves oatmeal, my daughter loves sausage and eggs. I usually offer say french toast, sausage and rasins or applesauce. I use the sugar free syrup, 12 c in 1/4 cup.
    scrambled eggs or omletts with meat and veggies, yogurt, cheerios, etc....
    good luck, offer a variety for a while maybe she'll pick something she likes.
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    I am sorry about your sons diagnosis.
    What about muffins with cream cheese, or peanut butter? Grapes? Pigs in a blanket? small pineapple slices? Toast with cinimon, and sugar? toaster waffles? Apple sauce? Cereal? eggs, with or without cheese? hash browns? Really he should be able to eat what he wants or skip breakfast unless you are on NPH with a meal plan.

    Take care, Jamie

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    Someone had a great tip for counting the carbs for a small child if you are carb counting. If you give them something like a piece of toast that is worth 15 carbs, cut it up into 15 pieces so it would be a carb a piece that way you can subtract what ends up on the floor, track, etc.... Other than that, let him eat what he ate before! We only slightly modified Hailey's diet to lower some of the higher carb items.

    So sorry you had to join us here but welcome to a great group of parents!
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    [QUOTE=Mama2H;29316]Other than that, let him eat what he ate before! We only slightly modified Hailey's diet to lower some of the higher carb items.

    This is basically what we did. Dylan likes oatmeal but he was eating the flavored ones that had a lot of sugar in them so now I just mix half a pack of the flavored one with the original plain one and mix in some banana and he eats it. The only other things he will eat for breakfast is waffles or pancakes.
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    Waffles are big in our house too. When Griffin was first diagnosed we gave him an eggo waffle (14g carb) with fresh strawberries (5g carb/ cup) and whipped cream (1-2g) and 4oz of milk (7g). That would put us pretty darn close to the 30g that our plan called for. If he was still hungry we would offer eggs or sausage (0-1g). If he wouldn't finish, we would offer a portion of banana (~30g for a whole banana) to come up to 30g.


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    A favorite at our house is waffles with whipped cream and either berries or bannana. The waffles are only about 15g per and the canned whipped cream is <1g. Given with a glass of milk or bacon and the protien balances this breakfast out nicely.

    Jelly and butter sandwiches or raisin bread and butter are popular also, or yogurt with some granola (just a tiny bit).

    What kind of regimine is your child on? Can you give him a little snack at wake up and then breakfast a little later? I know dealing with a 2.5yr olds eating habits are hard enough, but add in the D and you just want to pull your hair out!
    Best of luck!

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    Hello- I am so sorry about your little ones dx, my son is also 2 1/2 and we just hit the 1 year mark since his dx. His favorite breakfasts are cereal with milk and toaster strudel and he always loves eggs. When Zeb was first dx'ed I sort of gave up on normal meals for a while, I just feed him whatever he wanted within reason. Some things that work for us when he just doesn't want to eat: Drinkable yogurts (the small Danimals are 15g carbs) a small cup of milk with some graham crackers or vanilla wafers (he loves to dunk) Yo'Baby yogurts , and Zeb will eat P,B, + J anytime day or night.

    We all know how hard the first few weeks can be and the total information overload so ask whatever comes to mind because someone here will likely be able to help.

    Good luck - Robyn
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    I hear you. We have struck luck with oatmeal and a backup at any meal is Yogurt or Danone. You can get some pretty high carb yogurt, 17 carbs in small individual packs.


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